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Joe's Deal


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The Ravens do not officially release the details of player contracts.

But multiple reports are surfacing detailing quarterback Joe Flaccoicon-article-link.gif’s new deal.

Here’s what’s out there, which again has not been confirmed by the team:


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Here's the best way to look at the deal...



...In reality, this is also a three-year, $62 million deal. In 2016, Flacco is set to count $29 million against the cap, with an $18 million base salary. Even with projected cap growth, that's a huge number. Thus the Ravens will enter the terrain teams like the Steelers and Giants know all too well, restructuring a quarterback deal. It's a good problem to have.

The Ravens could convert $16 million of that base salary to a bonus, pay it to Flacco in February of 2016, and trim that cap number back to a more tenable $19 million (and if they add a year on to the deal they could lower it by another few million based on salary cap prorations). So it won't be all that long until Linta is on the phone with the Ravens again, and given recent history, I wouldn't bet against Flacco at this point.


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