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Dumervil to Choose Today


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They can always restructure Suggs or Ngata. Ozzie say he prefers not to restructure but would do to to attain a special player. Not sure if Dumervill qualifies.



Right on.

I'm very borderline on if he qualifies for Ozzie to restructure some contracts. All this cap cleaning, all this hurt, is also for next year. So let's not get into a situation where they have to let a ton of players go next year.

Dummervill is effective. He forced 6 fumbles and had 11 sacks last year. I don't know how many hurries he had but he has speed, which is important against the dink and dunk QB's. He doesn't have many tackles, but Upshaw should get that load.

I wouldn't break the bank for him but he would be a big upgrade over Kruger in the Ravens system.

He and Suggs will bring heat which will help the secondary.

Spears and Canty will definitely shore up the run defense.

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Would love Elvis but also don't see how we make him fit. With Flacco's cap hit jumping to $15 Million next year (http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/baltimore-ravens/cap-hit/2014/) we just don't have space. We'll also have to resign Oher and he should be getting $6 or 7 per I'm guessing.

Agreed. I don't see us signing this guy. We barely have enough to sign our own. My expectations for the coming season are very low.

I am however very excited about the coming draft and see it as an opportunity for our team especially the defense to become very young fast and athletic- attributes that have been sorely lacking the last few years. This is an amazingly important draft, especially given the last few years.

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