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Dannel Ellerbe


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"Miami is 2-0, primarily thanks to the efforts of a dominant pass defense. The Dolphins have knocked down opposing quarterbacks 22 times in two weeks, sacked them a league-leading (in a tie) nine times, and batted away 18 throws, the second-best total in football. And that's without much of an impact from Dion Jordan, who took just seven defensive snaps a week ago. The Dolphins are actually extremely aggressive with rotating their ends — even Cameron Wake took a mere 78 percent of the snaps a week ago — so it's a surprise that Jordan hasn't gotten more burn, even if it's as a situational player."



Dannel Ellerbe has been lights out for the Miami Dolphins and you will see it first hand in a couple weeks...

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The defense is ranked 18th and one of the games was against the anemic Browns.

I guess it's been so long since there was something to cheer or gloat about that this is really something huge for you.

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Ellerbe was awesome when he was on the field, but his durability was always in question. We'll see how many games he plays this year.



very good, solid player but you have to say that he's injury prone...



However, Ellerbe suffered a shoulder injury late in the first-quarter of Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens,


This isn't the first time Ellerbe, a former Ravens starter, has been sidelined by an injury since joining the franchise. He's nursed a rib, pectoral, torso, and knee injury since the season started.

Every week Ellerbe has suffered a new injury, and it appears the should might be the most problematic considering he needs it to bring down defenders.


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