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How Superstitious are You?


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According to this we are #1...I know Iam



Do you have to watch every Baltimore Ravens game from the same chair in your living room? Or do you have to wash your car every weekend before Joe Flacco and company take to the field?

Some diehards say they do, and they are part of the reason why a new survey from Bud Light found that Ravens fans rank as the most superstitious out of the NFL’s 32 teams.

The beer maker surveyed 10,000 adult NFL fans this summer to form the “NFL Fan Superstition Index.”

Arizona Cardinals fans were second on the list, followed by the New Orleans Saints, Oakland Raiders and Philadelphia Eagles



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Jersey I wear week 1, doesnt get washed til our season is officially over..starting last season, I float in the pool at 12:30 or so,


It used to be we watched the games with the same people, and if someone didnt show up and we lost, it was their fault..Last week it was the Mrs fault, had the grill going, snacks prepared, and at 11 am, she got called into work..so the Buffalo loss is on her shoulders. and I have let her know this week..

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