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Justin Tucker Mean Mo......:)


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Is he bad or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great night defense, special teams and O line.


How about Elam...the moron is out of the doghouse.


And ...Ray Rice sighting! 12 carries, 56 yards, 4.7 ypc. :gorave:


the Ravens ran 21 times for 90 yards for a 4.3 ypc against the #4 run defense. Looks like the running game is getting started for the big stretch.

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How about Jimmy Smith!


The Ravens got 3 interceptions and won the turnover battle....and time of possession


Heard Joe at the press conference....he sounded like the knee was ok...typical Joe shrugging it off..

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That was crazy! I think I would have tried for the first


Me too. When they ran that delayed handoff on 3rd and 10 I about lost my shit. What a ballsy call by Harbs and obviously kudos to Tucker for actually making it.


Did you see his post game interview? He said he gave his fantasy team a lot of points and hoped everyone enjoyed the points he got them on their teams too.




My fantasy team is benefiting from it as well so I'm happy about that," Tucker told ESPN's Lisa Salters on the field after game. "Fantasy owners around the world, I hope you guys appreciate the points as well."



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Justin Tucker is the first player in history to kick FGs in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, in terms of yardage. (via @EliasSports)


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You know it is in his range. If you miss the 1st down which I think was likely atthat point the game is over.


Oh the game is over if there is no first down. The game is over if the kick is missed. Hitting 60 in practice is one thing, during a game is another. It worked out well, and next time I might try it, but dont think I would have if it was my call last night.


If I was a coach probably the only time I am trying to kick 60+ field goals are with seconds left in the half or game when there is only time for one more play.


Thats just me, I dont think the call was wrong, just not what I would have done.

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