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Perriman ?


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Some updates:


@TDavenport_NFL: Harbaugh said he hopes Perriman can come back but continues to leave it to medical staff. Said his absence leaves a pit in his stomach.


@TDavenport_NFL: @ERICWOOD22 Don't see him on sidelines during practice. Did see him at the game though.


@TDavenport_NFL: @ERICWOOD22 He has a brace on.


@TDavenport_NFL: Yes. Said to be a sprain https://t.co/d72lPzZ5js


Turron Davenport is a new Ravens reporter for the Baltimore Times. He has been the best source of Ravens information this summer. Definitely recommend you guys follow.

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Interesting question about being related.


My my brother and nephew are over 6' and have had feet and back problems

growing up and now my brother might need knee replacement.


They have large feet - size 12 and they're both flat footed. That causes the back

aches so the height does have something to do with back and knee probs.

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so it takes 3 weeks of being out to have an MRI done?


Something is wrong here.

He had an MRI originally after the injury. The reason he got the second MRI was because the injury was healing so slow. They didn't know if the first one was wrong or if he had a setback. I guess he's just a slow healer.

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Crav, I'm beginning to think you are right. I don't have a good feeling about Perriman.

Fwiw, a buddy of mine from the gym (and Giants fan) whose son plays RB at UCF said he was really surprised the Ravens drafted Perriman, esp. so early

and wasn't at all surprised about his injury. He watched a lot of UCF games and said, aside from his blazing speed, he wasn't impressed with the guy.

Maybe an off hand comment from a no-nothing Giant fan but still gives you pause.


Hopefully, he proves a lot of us dead wrong and tears up the league. I'm just not feeling it.

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