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Ravens are favored in this game. Hmmmm.. Not a chance in hell San Fran wins this, get this, in the last minute of play. Why break the pattern?

Well I've turned off all the games with 2 minutes to go so I have no idea what you are talking about. :)

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This game has the makings of what Archie Bunker would call the "terlet" bowl. Both teams are on a collision course for a top 10 draft pick.

After all the 4th Q meltdowns, I don't understand how we are favored in this game.

I cannot envision a scenario by which we win this game, unless Kap thows 3-4 picks and/ or pick sixes.


Niners by a TD, maybe 2.

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Yep. JO was on ESPN earlier this morning and lamented over the demise of our defense . He was quite kind and somewhat guarded in his criticism but simply said he hasn't quite figured out what happened to our defense .


Reflecting on the franchise's early draft of Ogden and Ray Lewis make me realize just how special this organization was and still can' be with the right people making the good decisions .


I'd really like to see the biscuit get involved, tweak the front office and start killing the draft,l again, especially on D. We need that big time.

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If Forsett is sidelined, rookie fourth-round pick Buck Allen would get the nod as Baltimore’s starting running back. Magee and recent acquisition Raheem Mostert would be the backup ball carriers. All three of those running backs are rookies, with Magee and Mostert both undrafted products.

The backfield is clearly hobbled going into the weekend. In addition to Forsett’s injury, the Ravens also placed backup Lorenzo Taliaferro on injured reserve this week because of a foot injury.

With the injuries to Forsett and Taliaferro, Allen has gone from the third-string back to the starter in a matter of weeks.http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/Ravens-Move-RB-Terrence-Magee-To-Active-Roster-Cut-Charles-James/059a9f1c-07d2-49f4-8374-ac77591a776a


Thin at RB.

Thin at CB.



The Ravens currently have just four healthy cornerbacks on the active roster because Lardarius Webb is nursing a thigh issue and is questionable to play.http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/Ravens-Move-RB-Terrence-Magee-To-Active-Roster-Cut-Charles-James/059a9f1c-07d2-49f4-8374-ac77591a776a


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