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Somebody complained...


"The NFL Management Council and the NFL Players Association have resolved a complaint by the Players Association against the Baltimore Ravens concerning violations of the Collective Bargaining Agreement's off-season workout rules.


"It was determined that the Ravens violated the rules concerning the intensity and tempo of drills conducted on the Club's organized team activity days ('OTA days') and the length of time spent by players at the Club's facility on such days.


"As a result, the Ravens will forfeit the final week of their off-season program (June 14-18, 2010). Ravens' players are not permitted to be at the facility on those days, but will be paid for the sessions. The Club cannot reschedule the canceled days."



"They got me."


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100 bucks it was Gaither


Apparently the union will only act if 2 or more players complain. My bet would be Gaither and Troy "I would crawl on my hands and knees to Cleveland and then be too tired to practice when I have to crawl back again" Smith.

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Foxworth would be one of them because he's the players rep...


According to Harbaugh, six players complained for being held too late for meetings and two players reported they were held too long after practice. The infractions were reported to the players' union after the first voluntary passing camp in the middle of May.

"I agree with [the penalty]. I’m accountable for that," Harbaugh said after practice Tuesday. "As an organization, we want to do things the right way. We want to be within the rules all the time. We want our players to communicate with us when they have an issue and they did. We deserve to lose those last few days."


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Foxworth would be one of them because he's the players rep...


I find that unlikely, as a player representant, he needs to has his back free, he migth have helped Heap, Carr and Mason with the paperwork.


However I do believe this is not one or two lazy players work, but the team who responded as an unit, while there were commited an obvious procedure mistake, based on a clear message from the NFL, and no protest from the Ravens.


And if any thing my bet it is the vets (Mason, Heap, Trevor and Ray and so on) who made another attack, just like they did in Harbs rookie year..

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