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KO's last game Sunday?

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He's up for free agency and has probably priced himself out of Baltimore's range. He'll be

in demand after great season. He currently has been playing LT for the injured MOnroe

but LG is his usual position.


He wants to stay and credits Ozzie for encouraging him on the move to LT. He thinks

a deal could be made and will be the LT next year if they want him too.


Ravens have 3 years left with Monroe @ LT for $35M but he's been plagued with injuries the last

2 years.




Ozzie sure can pick em. He just can keep em all.



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So who did you want at LT at the time. Fat Mac got well fat but Ozzie won a SB with

him. In that case, both Ray Lewis and Burke begged Ozzie to sign him. Both knew him

well and Birk was a teammate in Minn.


He had issues too like work ethics but when CAM was fired and Caldwell too his place he

inserted MAC to LT, moved KO to LG and Oher back to RT and Ravens won the SB.


Nobody mentioned Monroe's injuries when we signed him. Ozzie isn't perfect but there'd

be 30 teams lined up at his door with open check books if he were fired.



Anyway, I don't see how Ravens can afford KO aftter the year he's having and at LT.

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They can't win without a very good offensive line.

Monroe at LT and KO gone to greener pastures will deep 6 the offense next year.

They have to sign KO. They know it. He's a Raven through and through.

On this riddle....you have to suspend CAP logic and take the leap.



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The CAP ceiling is supposed to be raised next year. Ravens saved $16M in trading

Ngata but got $8M added to the CAP ceiling but it worked out. Oz also drafted

Maxx and Z Smith as part of the trade with Detroit.


So the dead money figure above isn't as much for Monroe as it was for Ngata. Of

course there's more to be added from others leaving. I don't know with whom but it will work out

because the Ravens are always just under the CAP while spending heavily.


It's how OZ wins super bowls.

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