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Will Ravens make Playoffs?


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It's way too early to tell, but can this be a 10 win team?


The homers say "No."




Today's question: The Baltimore Ravens were once one of the sure bets to make the playoffs after reaching the postseason each year from 2008 to 2012. But the Ravens are coming off a 5-11 season, their worst since 2007. Will this year mark the first time under coach John Harbaugh that the Ravens fail to make the playoffs in consecutive seasons?

Coley Harvey, Cincinnati Bengals reporter: This has to be a yes from me. And it really has very little to do with the Ravens themselves and more to do with the other teams in the division. Anyone who follows the NFL closely knows the AFC North is the best there is in football. I mean, there’s really no debate about that, is there? With the Steelers, Bengals and Ravens all relevant and perennial postseason contenders, there is no question this is the best division. It is possible those three teams all will make it into the playoffs for the second time in three seasons, but it remains more likely that only two will make the postseason. Right now, a couple of months before the start of the regular season, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati have, on paper, the best rosters in the AFC North. Baltimore’s most important games this season will be the ones against the Steelers and Bengals. Win three of the four and the Ravens could be in the mix for the division title.

Pat McManamon, Cleveland Browns reporter: The Ravens have made the playoffs so often lately that you just kind of assume they will again this season. But in truth, the Ravens have missed the playoffs in two of the last three seasons after making the postseason the first five years that Harbaugh was coach. That's not an upward trend. Joe Flacco is coming off a torn ACL, the team did not have a 700-yard rusher in 2015 and Breshad Perriman must grow into a playmaker. Add in the fact the Ravens are in a division with Pittsburgh and Cincinnati and that's too tough a climb. Baltimore will not make the playoffs for the second year in a row.



Jeremy Fowler, Pittsburgh Steelers reporter: Yes, but that doesn’t have to be an awful thing, because the Ravens will improve greatly from the five-win campaign in 2015. The Ravens will make at least a four-win jump in 2016, but the AFC playoff picture will be crowded once again. Ten wins will likely be a requirement to qualify. The Ravens will be much improved in the secondary and should be healthier than last season. Flacco will have more weapons to utilize. This is a team trending upward, and the NFL is built for quick turnarounds. Still, it won’t be enough. The Ravens’ schedule is designed for a late-season stumble. They travel to New England, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati in the final four weeks. That’s brutal. The Ravens have taken ownership of the rivalry with the Steelers of late, so maybe that’s enough to make a push.http://espn.go.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/28184/afc-north-qa-will-ravens-miss-back-to-back-playoffs-for-first-time-under-harbaugh



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You're right. It's too early to tell. We'll know a lot more after camp, the preseason, and the Bills game. As of now, I'd have say 7 wins is more realistic. Too many key players coming off serious injuries. They'll be better than last year but they need one more draft before the talent is all there.

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I say they will be lucky if they win two games this year. Not good. But either am I, so I digress.













Of course they make the playoffs, including win the division.


winning the division is irrelevant, give the division to that overrated piece of crap Bungle team...Just gimme the invite to the dance

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hard to tell

the AFCN is the toughest fucking division in the nfl

thats 6 games a year getting whooped on for all of teams

it would be cool if we all split among each other and win out elsewhere


13-3 ACROSS THE BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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winning the division is irrelevant, give the division to that overrated piece of crap Bungle team...Just gimme the invite to the dance


I say DON"T give the division to that overrated piece of crap Bungle team. I won't be happy until we get back to beating them twice with our second string every year. This team is dirty-filthy. After that game with the Steelers late last year, I can't stand them. I might not like Pittsburgh, but I respect them. Not the same with the Bengals. Especially # 55.

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I went through the schedule game by game. Off the top of my head I see 6 wins.

Come on Pops, our first 7 games I see 6 wins, we have won 5 straight vs Pitt, I don't expect us to sweep them again but I do believe we split with them.


maybe it's the Homer in me, but I don't see 6 losses this year.

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WEEK 1 Sun., Sept. 11 vs. Bills The Bills had a real good yr. They have made a lot of improvements. I see loss.


WEEK 2 Sun., Sept. 18 at Browns They are the Browns. Win.


WEEK 3 Sun., Sept. 25 at Jaguars The Jags are putting a really good team together. Loss


WEEK 4 Sun., Oct. 2 vs. Raiders I was shocked by the loss last yr but they are good. Loss


WEEK 5 Sun., Oct. 9 vs. Redskins They suck. Win


WEEK 6 Sun., Oct. 16 at Giants I don't really know what to expect so I willll go off of what they were. Win



WEEK 7 Sun., Oct. 23 at Jets They look like they are putting a real good team together. loss


WEEK 9 Sun., Nov. 6 vs. Steelers I don't know if the Ravens can deal with their receivers but it is at home. Win


WEEK 10 Thu., Nov. 10 vs. Browns Nothing changed Win


WEEK 11 Sun., Nov. 20 at Cowboys If Romo and co are healthy a big loss.


WEEK 12 Sun., Nov. 27 vs. Bengals They lost parts but they were so far above the ravens Loss


WEEK 13 Sun., Dec. 4 vs. Dolphins The Dolphins are getting dangerous. Loss


WEEK 14 Mon., Dec. 12 at Patriots Not even a contest. Loss


WEEK 15 Sun., Dec. 18 vs. Eagles I still expect a hot mess. Win


WEEK 16 Sun., Dec. 25 at Steelers It is away so Loss


WEEK 17 Sun., Jan. 1 at Bengals Another loss.



There is a reason why Vegas always wins. They expect little from the Ravens and I see why.

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David Carr is the real deal, we (me others) took them likely..Any team coming into the ATM I give the edge to Us. Didn't the Jags game end in a bunch of controversy? didn't they get an extra play? I like our chances especially caus I'm in attendance that game.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I say DON"T give the division to that overrated piece of crap Bungle team. I won't be happy until we get back to beating them twice with our second string every year. This team is dirty-filthy. After that game with the Steelers late last year, I can't stand them. I might not like Pittsburgh, but I respect them. Not the same with the Bengals. Especially # 55.

How long is our winning streak against the rat birds anyway? I've lost count.

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19th...that's fair but there are some crappy teams in front of the Ravens.......


19. Ravens: There's plenty of uncertainty on the injury front, as QB Joe Flacco, LB Terrell Suggs and WR Steve Smith are all on the mend. The young talent, including rookie OT Ronnie Stanley, has to be solid....http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/2016-nfl-preseason-power-rankings/ss-BBuPizj?li=BBnb7Kz#image=19


They make it sound like the Browns are turning it around and then rank them 32nd. They should be higher. A little bit....


32. Browns: Cleveland finally appears to have a clear direction with Hue Jackson's arrival. Reviving QB Robert Griffin III's career looks to be Jackson's greatest challenge yet.

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Too many questions going into the season.


1) Our WR corps... An elderly SSR... Wallace failing his condition test.... Perriman need I say more... Camp whos a slighly less injured Perriman

2) Weddle is a great player but who knows how much gas he has in the tank... Is Webb going to be a decent safety

3) I'm not sold on our left side oline

4) Suggs and Doom aren't getting any younger


IMO I'll be surprised if the team goes 8-8.

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Those are some sobering thoughts Rob.

I can't argue with them. Way too many questions.


It's really bad when your stud, speedy, FA deep threat receiver can't run good enough to pass a conditioning test that all the chubby, slow lineman passed.

It is really hard to have a playoff caliber team with so many new faces.


As far as a playoff caliber team this years Ravens will have to "show me."

I'm starting them at the bottom...meaning this is a team that

1. has to learn how to find ways to win. there's a lot that goes into this. Make more big plays than your opponent. Win the field position game and time of possession. get more turnovers, sacks and QB hurries....and a whole lot more.

2. they have to run the ball and have a really solid defense to be in position to win.

2. defeat teams with winning records.

3. win more "in Division" games than they lose. I'll throw in "Beat the Bengals" since they can't.

4. win more conference games.

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The defense scares me. Weddle may play lights out and bring back the psychical swagger of yesteryear, but who knows. This team has the potential to be great, with lots of young talent. If health they can compete on offense, and if the drafted pass rushers can get in there they'll do ok. I have little faith in the secondary, they got tore up due to lack of pressure which is why Ozzie drafted high on the DL.

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Early impact of Ravens draft class....




3. Rookie cornerback Tavon Young is a player to watch.

— Young made several nice plays on the ball, including an interception in which he showed good technique and ball awareness. A fourth round pick from Temple, Young is making a bid to earn playing time as a nickel corner. Jerraud Powers missed his second straight practice (failed conditioning test), and Young took advantage of the extra reps. It will be interesting to learn more about Young’s tackling ability when the Ravens begin practicing in pads.

4. Rookie fourth-round pick Chris Moore looks like a potential playmaker.

— Ravens corners are having trouble keeping up with Moore when he goes deep, including Jimmy Smith, who saw Moore race by on his way to a deep reception. With left tackle Ronnie Stanley, linebacker Kamalei Correa, Young, and Moore, the Ravens have the potential for an instant-impact draft class.

5. There is no getting around Stanley’s importance as a rookie.

— Stanley needs to continue looking good when the Ravens go to pads Saturday, and whenever linebackers Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil return from PUP. A potential Ravens deal with veteran left tackle Jake Long fell through Friday. The Ravens will be counting on Stanley, not only to start but to play well....http://www.csnmidatlantic.com/baltimore-ravens/five-observations-day-2-ravens-training-camp

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