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"I think we improved in many ways," he said. "I'm optimistic about where we're going."

To save the team's future -- and his own -- Harbaugh better hope the team brings more to the destination...https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/01/01/flat-ravens-finish-8-8-with-27-10-loss-to-bengals

I tired of the BS....


Here, let Joe tell it like it is...



the Ravens have now posted consecutive non-winning seasons for the first time since their first four seasons of existence (1996-99) all ended at .500 or below.

But to rally this time around, the Ravens don't just need more playmakers, youth and speed, which are deficiencies that are already well-documented. They also need to be more unpredictable on offense, stout and consistent on defense and more solid on special teams without committing untimely penalties.

Cincinnati ran for 153 yards on the Ravens, racking up 25 first downs and overall controlling momentum and tempo against a flat squad of visitors.

The Bengals controlled the pace so much, the game took only two hours, 50 minutes to play, the shortest game involving Baltimore all season...

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton (18-for-28, 226 yards, touchdown, sack, 101.2 rating) completed ten consecutive passes to start the game and directed scoring drives on all four first-half possessions to stake his team out to a 20-3 halftime lead.

Cincinnati was so efficient on offense that it only faced two third-down plays in the entire half. All told, the Bengals averaged 8.1 yards per play over the first two quarters.

Counting the fourth quarter of the Christmas-night game at Pittsburgh, that meant the Ravens' fading defense allowed points on seven consecutive drives...https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/01/01/flat-ravens-finish-8-8-with-27-10-loss-to-bengals


Watching that first half I couldn't help but think that John lost his team. Whatever he may have said, they were not listening, focused or motivated.

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I think Harbs starts 2017 in the top 5 of hot seats.

He's at least in the top 9....





Yes, Harbaugh has a Super Bowl ring. And yes, he’s a good coach. But since winning it all in 2012, the Ravens are 31-33. They’ve made the playoffs just once in the past four years, and the roster isn’t getting any better. Joe Flacco has struggled with the team’s boring play calling, there’s a serious lack of a running game and Steve Smith is retiring. Harbaugh needs to bounce back from a second consecutive sub-.500 season with a playoff berth, if not a division title, in 2017. He’s not going to be squarely on the hot seat next season, but the Ravens may look to make a change if he falters again....http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/9-nfl-coaches-who-will-be-on-the-hot-seat-in-2017/ss-BBxRpD9?li=BBnba9I#image=5

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Im typically a pessimist but I believe this team is team is a corner/DB away from being decent. Take away 3 blown plays in NYG,NE, and Pit and maybe this team would've won the division. I think that's why Steve is giving Harbs one more year to improve before imploding the team.

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Then draft Jordan Lewis in the first round, a stud corner from Michigan, solid in man, quick feet, strong in press man instinctive..


Peppers would be a nice safety but he will command too much money and I wonder if his legs will hold up.


Use the rest of the draft to find a real slot receiver with jitters.. A center, inside linebacker, outside rush backer and yes, a pass rusher...


Maybe, maybe then they will be a player or two away.

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Telling the truth.


Week 17 MOST of this team called it in, played but didn't give it all. Felt bad for Steve Smith, the look on his face, he knew.


Week 16 This team had the lead with 1:18 left. Getting beat is getting beat but we seen what the Steelers do and do to any team at any time. Hate them if you want but wouldn't you like to have Brown and Bell or just Brown on your team. I think week 16 leads to week 17.


Maybe you have others or maybe I just don't see it your way but right out in the open the coach(s) clearly gave the Raiders game to them along with the Washington game. And yes luck has to do with it but I am not sure since some bring it up. I know I won't get it right but the Charges game a few years back and Ray Rice got the 1st down Didn't they have us going off the field but took the ten yards flag instead?


Guess you didn't learn off others mistake?


With that being said, yeah it stinks cause I am one that thought and thinks this team should have made the playoffs. This team should had made the playoffs if not for the poor job the coach did in the two games. That close. A meaningful game late in the season that close to making the playoffs.


Yeah there are things wrong with this team and yes I think the head coach is one of them at this time. I also see an age thing. The O line is going through a change. I know some love Joe and the ones that do even said it, he isn't the same.


But we come that close

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True, but they came that close to making the playoffs the year before had they just won 4 of the what, 8 games decided by 3 pts?


This year was almost exactly the same. Can't win on the road, poor coaching decisions, defense giving up leads in the 4th quarter because they are worn down, offense sputtering, can't make 3rd & short yardage when the game is on the line.


So what has changed in the past 3 years? Big deal, this year they won 8 games should have won 10 or even 11.... Same song, same dance the only change has been the offensive coordinator, again.


Players are still blowing assignments, still making stupid mistakes, still at the top of the league in penalties.


Yes, all these issues were there too in 2012, luck saw them win it all, not coaching. Harbs made the same mistKes baxk then as he does today.


Foolish to keep him on, especially when no changes are being made...

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Im typically a pessimist but I believe this team is team is a corner/DB away from being decent. Take away 3 blown plays in NYG,NE, and Pit and maybe this team would've won the division. I think that's why Steve is giving Harbs one more year to improve before imploding the team.

They are further away than that. They will be losing several players and those will have too be replaced too. The OL needs a whole new personality.

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Yeah, they love him as much as SteveB. loves Harbs.

How you making out Crave?

Doing well Nado, just spent the holidays in Baltimore visiting the new grandson, lot of changes up there, I was a newbie driving the beltway trying to get on 95 north, wow what a project that was.


Hope all is well with you.

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