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Juan created the problems.



If Castillo stuck around, the behind the scenes chemistry among the coaches would be more entertaining than the offense itself.
It would have been confusion as spicy as a reality TV show, but the Ravens have apparently settled on Roman as the senior offensive assistant and tight ends coach.Mornhinweg is headstrong and would rather pass than run. With Roman aboard, Castillo's role would have been reduced as far as his input on the blocking scheme, and Castillo had a history of interfering with others. As for Roman and the running game, there is only one way, and that's his.
When Kubiak was the offensive coordinator, he brought in his own assistants and Castillo's role was reduced. The Ravens rushed for 2,019 yards and turned no-name runner Justin Forsett into a 1,200-yard back. Since Kubiak left to become head coach of the Denver Broncos after that season, the Ravens have struggled running the ball, and both Castillo and Mornhinweg were not in total agreement with coordinator Marc Trestman, who was fired after Week 5 this past season.
Castillo could have stayed but he probably didn't want to see his role diminish again. It was time for him to move on, and at least he did it on his own terms. This group of offensive assistants could be good if they all work together.

I am not sure why it kept adding moree quote boxes. Every time I hit enter a new one would show up instead of just adding another line.

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