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Critical Offseason


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This team is faced with a lot of player and depth issues. Mainly a lack of playmakers at key positions. With the team's CAP status it looks like too much to address in one year. Mike named a few spots, but I'd add offensive linemen and who can replace Williams?



When inside linebacker Zachary Orr unexpectedly retired last week, it left the Ravens with one of their biggest offseason building jobs in the team's 21-year history.....

And while he is looking through the draft and free agency, he also has to find a speedy, impact receiver, pass rushers and a top-notch cornerback. It's a lot to ask, but the Ravens have to make up ground on the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers, who played in the AFC championship game Sunday.

It's game on.........http://www.carrollcountytimes.com/sports/ravens/bs-sp-preston-ravens-0124-20170123-column.html


They need to get younger and faster. To do that they need a great draft and great offseason developing their existing young players. These players have to step up and make significant progress and contributions to the team this year....and this means the coaching has to be great.


That's a lot to ask.

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I agree Max. It's too much to expect in just one year. They'd be better off coming up with a 3-year plan to fix the many deficiencies of this team. Pass rusher (preferably 2), a strong cornerback, a RT if Wagner leaves, a better center, and as usual some receivers who are playmakers and good at YAC.


Oh, and finding an eventual replacement for Joe.


It's almost like we are starting from scratch. And after watching the championship weekend games, you really see how far behind this team is. Ozzie and Co need to hit it out of the park for the next several years. Not sure he's still got it.


Yep...I feel like we're almost as bad off as an expansion team.

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Essentially you've only got a draft pick for 4 years and if he takes that long to develop you're in trouble. By the time he's developed you lose him to FA. SO I agree with Papa on this one. They've got to be ready to start at worst after one season.

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Do they still have restricted FA?....Either way it still goes back on Oz whiffing on draft picks and the vets he's signing aren't cutting it. Team trainers need to be evaluated too with the epidemic of injuries that fall this team every year.

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Here's a good assesment by Hensley at ESPN. The whole article is worth the read.

Everybody here has been saying the same thing.





2. Significantly upgrade the cornerback position. Take a look at the Ravens' top four corners last season: Jimmy Smith is repeatedly hurt, Tavon Young lacks ideal size, Jerraud Powers is a free agent and Shareece Wright is a liability. This has been a position the Ravens have ignored for too long. Since 2013, the Ravens have allowed the fourth-most touchdown passes to wide receivers (78). One could also argue Baltimore needs a pass-rusher. If the Ravens can upgrade their coverage and add more aggressive corners, they can generate more of a rush through blitzes. Don't be surprised if the Ravens use a first-round pick on a cornerback and sign a veteran to a moderately sized deal....http://www.espn.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/33375/ravens-need-playmakers-to-become-super-bowl-contenders-again

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Where is Donny Brady and Antonio Langham when ya need them?


Don't get me started. :gorave:

How about Kipp "Ole!" Vickers. We can create an insane list of stunbling, bumbling Raves.


for the Flacco haters out there....and I'm not happy with Joe at the moment....I feel he's let us down....but ponder this list and you may find some gratitude that the Ravens have Joe:

Boller, Redman, Case, kordell Stewart, Zeier, Blake, Banks, Wally Richardson, St Pierre, Grbac, Mitchell, Stark, ..it's a long list of failures at QB here although there were some fun and great performances by some of these guys.

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The problem is QBs in this draft are top heavy. There is no talent after about the 2nd round. They all have huge problems. Might as well wait for 2018 when the QB options are much better.




Formerly unknown names key in Patriots’ Super Bowl run

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) - When it comes to filling out his roster each season, Bill Belichick has always placed a premium on potential.

From late-round draft picks to guys that never heard their name called on draft night, during his 17 years in New England the Patriots coach has developed a knack not just for identifying unheralded players, but cultivating them into key contributors.

The group he will take to Houston for next week’s Super Bowl is no exception.

There are 14 players on the Patriots’ 53-man roster that came into the NFL as undrafted free agents, and another 10 who were selected in the fifth round or later.

Among those that were undrafted, eight appeared in 12 games or more during the regular season including cornerback Malcolm Butler (16 starts), running back LeGarrette Blount (eight starts), receivers Chris Hogan (14 starts) and Danny Amendola, center David Andrews (16 starts), fullback James Develin, special teamer Brandon King and punter Ryan Allen.

Belichick said it’s key to find players who have the most room for growth, no matter their background.

“Not everybody is from Alabama and Michigan and USC and those places, so for some of those guys, and even the ones that come from there, it’s still a huge jump for them,” Belichick said. “It’s a big part of a big time in a professional player’s career - making it the first year, but then that first to second or first to second to third. That’s true for everybody.”

While most teams have one or two players on their roster that fit into this category, the Patriots separate themselves by getting a high level of production out of several of them.

Edelman was a college quarterback at Kent State and seventh-round pick in the 2009 draft before he became Tom Brady’s go-to guy on third down. Special teamer Nate Ebner, a sixth-round pick in 2012, went from a rugby background to the Patriots’ top tackler on special teams. And before Butler became a Super Bowl hero with his late interception against Seattle in 2015, he was undrafted in 2014. He leads the team with four interceptions.

The newest member of the club is Hogan, who is coming off a franchise record nine-reception, 180-yard performance in the AFC championship game.

Hogan played four years of lacrosse at Penn State, and once played opposite Patriots assistant Steve Belichick.

Following a year of football at Monmouth and stints on the practice squads of the New York Giants and Miami Dolphins, he was with Buffalo in 2014 when he caught his first career NFL touchdown late during a Bills loss to New England.

When he became a free agent following the 2015 season, the Patriots were the first to contact him.

Hogan said there’s a common link among his teammates that have taken unconventional routes to the NFL.

“Those guys are hardworking guys, every single one of them,” Hogan said. “We’re all alike in that sense. Where we have a real competitive attitude, but we are more than willing to do whatever it takes and whatever is asked of us to win football games.”

That willingness to buy in may be even more important than knowing exactly what a player’s role will be for Belichick.

Edelman said Belichick initially didn’t have any idea how he would utilize him when the Patriots drafted the former Kent State quarterback.

But Belichick told him he recognized something innate in the way the 5-foot-10, 200-pounder played the game.

Linebacker and defensive captain Dont’a Hightower said those intangibles are found in players throughout the locker room.

“A lot of people talk about the ‘Patriot Way.’ There’s not a straight definition of it but here you know that we’re going to work every day,” Hightower said. “Around here you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse.”

While he gives Belichick credit for putting the foundation in place, Hightower said the link is a locker room full of players that “already have that in them” when they arrive.

“They already have that dog in them, maybe it’s just not the right way that they’re doing it,” Hightower said. “I feel like Bill does a great job of that, of getting the right stuff out of guys and saying the right things to get them to work hard.”

This is a good read on how the Ravens should operate.

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I agree partially, as I am sure they do as well. Of course a good pass rush makes a secondary better and visa versa.


But they have stated many times so far this off season that they need to both, improve the secondary and the pass rush. I am sure they go heavy pass defense/rush in the draft.

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