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How Bout Dem Birds!

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Trumbo opening day yardwork!

Walk off.


Did you see that play Machado made? Outstanding!


That was crazy. The stop was good - but what a throw!


Chris Davis pretty great at first today too.

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3-0 start to this season...great win last night coming from behind.

....Gausman struggling with control today.

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They came back down to Earth yesterday. Nobody could throw strikes, bullpen was awful and the bats got silent late in the game.

They're not a Sunday team. It's like an off day for them.

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Imagine if they had let Davis walk and let Mancini have 1st. There have been raves about the kid for a few yrs.


I'm going to spend time imagining they only had one of them instead of both; ahh.
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I figure this is the last yr Davis is even at his OK self. I expect the HR production to start falling off and the average to drop as well. Add in more strikeouts and that amazingly large payroll number and the fans will be asking why he is on the roster like Ubaldo.

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