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Stan the Fan Nails It

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Way to go Stan! :gorave:



The Ravens needed to go all-in on building a great defense, in large part because of the deficiencies and limitations of their long-time quarterback, Joe Flacco.It seems that the quickest way to get the Ravens back near the top is to:

- Play defense like the 2000 team that won Super Bowl XXXV.

- Have your big-armed quarterback manage games better.

- Use the right foot of Justin Tucker as often as that quarterback can move his side of the ball to field-goal territory.

While the touchdowns may not come as often as fans would like, remember how great that 2000 defense was and tell me great defense can't be sexy. The slogan "Play like a Raven" was never really about the offensive side of the ball...https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/05/02/are-joe-flaccos-limitations-behind-ravens-draft-strategy


Last year was real hard to watch but great defense, staying in games with a chance to win isn't.

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I don't think the Ravens intentionally set out to strengthen the defense with all the early picks. Instead I think it was just Ozzie being Ozzie by taking best player available. This was a pretty weak draft for offensive playmakers but there were many defensive ones.

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With all due respect, how often does a 2000 team defense happen?


There were definite player abilities/personalities on that team that just cannot be planned.

My thoughts exactly.


And it sounds to me like the front office was bent on drafting Bama players...



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I'd like to think we are re-creating another circa 2000 D.

Unfortunately I don't think we have anywhere near the personnel, substance or leadership needed to re-create it.

But if this approach leads to a similar impact I'm certainly all for it and hopeful that it can happen.


Make no mistake about it I'm a huge fan but really believe the game and the draft have passed Ozzie by. But if by some chance Ozzie has a second wind and reinvents himself and starts to put together another string of elite defenses and good enough offense I'm all in.


Besides I'm not sure how much more pain I can endure watching these blown leads and dysfunctional offenses over the past 10-15 years or so.

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Beginning with the Harbaugh years, the emphasis has been to draft good soldiers.


We have a roster mostly of good special teamers who, in the end of games, cannot keep up with the opponent's impact player(s).


I think that Ozzie has been required to bend to the thrust of the coach who infers that since he must coach these guys, they need to be within his parameters. Much the same for the offense that has really never changed through the same time period, though there have been varied OC's.

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Ya...I totally get it about the draft. Drafting all those D players wasn't intentional but it may be a blessing in disguise.


I'm not saying this defense will be as good as or close to the 2000 D.

But it will be very good. Top 5.

The offense won't be like the 2000 offense.

They will be better.

Special Teams will be just as good as 2000.


Winning margin of victory could be similar to 2000.


With the talent the Ravens have the winning formula should be the same as they used in 2000.

Where my doubts are is that I don't think Mornhinweg can develop and use a running game.


Get the offensive pieces next year. That could be their year since the O line and D will have this year to grow and develop.


They are headed in the right direction. Still a middle of the pack team for now.

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