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Mike Tomlin exposed

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Mike Tomlin exposed

One of the underrated stories heading into Sunday’s AFC Divisional Playoff game between Pittsburgh and Jacksonville was coaching. No one really focused on this. Instead, it was all about revenge for Ben Roethlisberger after he threw five interceptions in a blowout Week 5 loss to the Jaguars.

Despite turning the ball over twice, Big Ben was his usually good self on Sunday. These two touchdown passes to Antonio Brown were prime examples of this. The issue here for Pittsburgh was coaching. Period.

With his Steelers having pulled to within seven points and north of two minutes remaining — with two timeouts remaining nonetheless — Tomlin called for an onside kick. Predictably, it didn’t go too swimmingly for the Steelers. And within four plays after Pittsburgh held the Jags without a first down, Josh Lambo nailed a 45-year field goal to put Jacksonville up 45-35. There’s absolutely no rhyme or reason for Tomlin’s decision not to kick the ball deep. None at all.

Interestingly enough, Pittsburgh would then drive down the length of the field for a touchdown, ultimately losing by the score of 45-42. That field goal was the difference.

More than this, the playcalling on offense by coordinator Todd Haley left a lot to be desired. Play-action on fourth and one when you have a huge quarterback in Big Ben under center? Heck, All-Pro running back Le’Veon Bell was at Pittsburgh’s disposal. It just made no real sense. And in the end, Pittsburgh’s coaching staff was completely outclassed by Doug Marrone and the Jags’ staff. It’s that simple...https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/top-takeaways-from-nfl-divisional-playoffs/ar-AAuGPtb


So much talent wasted.

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The Steelers were (gasp!) out-coached by the Jaguars Sunday. And not by a little bit.
In particular, Todd Haley and Mike Tomlin deserve plenty of criticism for their decision-making on fourth downs. Sure, two of Ben Roethlisberger’s five touchdowns came on fourth down, and they converted 4-of-6 on that do-or-die down. But the two misses were awful, especially the toss play early in the game to Le’Veon Bell against Jacksonville’s insanely fast defense. Both the misses were on fourth-and-one, and both should have been quarterback sneaks with Big Ben, who’s 18-of-19 in his career from that down and distance.
Haley’s overall gameplan was akin to watching Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde battle for control. There was no middle ground with him — he was either calling a beautiful game or completely out of his mind. Defensive coordinator Keith Butler was off balance all game long and never really had a good idea about how to give his defenders a good chance at making impact plays.
The end result was obviously a stunning road win by the underdog Jaguars. So much for that highly-anticipated Steelers/Patriots rematch. And based on how badly Pittsburgh was out-coached Sunday, that’s probably a good thing....https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/biggest-winners-and-losers-from-nfl-divisional-playoffs/ss-AAuI9jT?li=BBnb7Kz#image=3
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It’s pretty crazy to think about the fact that Jacksonville hung 45 points on Pittsburgh Sunday, at Heinz Field. Of course, not all those points came on offense — Telvin Smith scored on a 50-yard fumble recovery. But 38 points of offense is unreal being that it was the Jaguars that put them up and that they did it against a defense that allowed just 19.3 points per game during the season (No. 7 in the NFL).
Even more incredible is the fact that the Steelers — who finished the regular season with an NFL-leading 56 sacks — couldn’t generate a single quarterback takedown. Their inability to put pressure on Blake Bortles allowed the quarterback to get comfortable and stay comfortable in the pocket. The Steelers also didn’t force a single turnover and allowed the Jaguars to gain 378 total yards, 22 first downs and convert 8-of-14 on third downs.
A ton of credit goes to Jacksonville for executing a tremendous gameplan. But the Steelers cannot feel good about watching their defense give up the farm at home....https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/biggest-winners-and-losers-from-nfl-divisional-playoffs/ss-AAuI9jT?li=BBnb7Kz#image=9
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Defense has come back to the NFL.

Lol, 1 combined punt, 1 combined sack. Most total yards in NFL history, most passing yards in post season history, 2nd most pts scored in a Super Bowl. Brady, first quaterback to throw for 500 yards and a couple of scores to lose a Super Bowl.


The Super Bowl was the perfect example of the NFL game; bad play.


Yes, some great throws, great catches, great tough runs, but terrible play, missed tackles, missed penalty calls, and the icing on the cake, 2, not 1, but two controversial catches...


Oh and we even had a player get knocked out (Chung) leave the field, come back in shortly later (only to leave again)... Concussion protocol my butt....

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Enjoyed watching the Super Bowl with the Steelers. Why do you ask?

My point was why try and say the Tomlin was exposed when Harbaugh didnt even make it. So was he exposed all year and the last 3 years? Raven fans have zero room to talk now when it comes to the Steelers. When you had your winning streak against us then yeah no matter what you could talk but the Steelers have won the last 3 meetings plus have been in the playoffs the last 3 years and show no signs of slowing down.
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He was exposed yrs ago.

Really? He has never had a losing seasons and has the 2nd most wins through a coaches first 10 and 11 years. He rebuilt a team while never finishing below 8-8 and never getting a draft pick above 16. If Ben plays for the 3 more years he is talking about playing for Tomlin will have gone at the least 15 straight seasons to start his coaching career without having a losing season. I believe that would be the record. If he was exposed years ago then how would that be?
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