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Three questions for Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti

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1) why, historically, has this team not been able to draft nor develop a wide receiver?


2) why does this team contiue to start the season out slowly, then collapse in the 4th quarter of games late in the season?


3) do you mix the yolks separately from the whites then add them together to make a Biscuit?

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1. How would you account for the general, gradual decline of our drafts over the past 5 years ? And what are going to do about it ?


2. How do you intend to address the loss of the team's swagger and absence of a single playmaker (offense or defense) over this same period ?


3. About 5 years ago you said you were building this team to not just make the playoffs but win multiple SBs. Do you remember that ? Given the team's mediocre play and absence from the playoffs, what happened and why did you abandon the winning mantra. Most importantly, how do you plan on restoring the winning, smashmouth style of football that we enjoyed the first 10-15 years of this team's existence ?


Maybe a bit verbose but these are legit questions, no ?

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1. Have season-ticket renewals dropped appreciably, and how does the team intend to win back disenchanted fans?


2. You have often stressed continuity within the organization. But how long will you continue to maintain the status quo in the wake of mediocrity?


3. Did you personally agree with the organization's one-sided emphasis on building up the defense last spring?


4. At last year's "State of the Ravens" address, you said, "We've seen a better Joe Flacco in the past. ... We need to get more out of Joe." In your opinion, did that happen? And is the organization preparing for life after Flacco?


5. To what extent do you think the Ravens' limited salary-cap flexibility is to blame for the team's struggles during the past five years, and how much have early-round failures such as Matt Elam, Arthur Brown and Breshad Perriman played a role in that?


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No I don't think ppl are asking for the team to be run in their image. They are asking why they keep running it in a way that isn't successful.

Oh I know you are always open to other's ideas. It's not like there are years worth of a posts suggesting otherwise.

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I'm more at ease now because Steve showed up alone. It shows that he really cares about the current situation and the fans.

It's called Accountability.

If it was just about making money, then he wouldn't have shown up alone for a possible lynching.


His passion to build an outstanding team and organization remains.

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You were fooled then Max, he knew what questions were coming, exactly how it was going to go, evident by the Friday before Super Bowl press conference.


Any Ravens fan would know what questions were coming.



So are you saying he sat there and lied?

Do you think he isn't committed to winning and putting a great product on the field?

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