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8 million fewer viewers-Super Bowl

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Lowest rated since 2009. 10th highest rated tv show, ... Mkay.. Some will say well, people are streaming more, nope, that was only up by 2 mil....


Goody, you have a problem....






The viewership this season marked a 20 percent increase from the last time the two teams played in the Super Bowl (XXXIX, 86 million viewers) in February 2005.




Wow, now that is how you spin...

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As a fan, I thought the Eagles/Pats was a good matchup. I thought it would draw viewers. :nono:


The drop in attendance at games and viewership is one of the big stories in the NFL for last season.

I'm sure the owners are worried and wondering what to do.

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They are killing their product. They can't figure out what a catch is. They can't keep track of the rules. Streaming should be better for them. They know they are real ppl that are really watching. The problem is they can't show the ads bc the industry has not figured out how to pay the actors and such for them. That should be an easy fix.

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I haven't watched a single game this year, and for the first time since as long as I can remember, I didn't watch the Super Bowl. In solidarity with the protest....not THAT protest, the other one; the one people aren't talking about.

Which one?

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A lot has to do with the nation sick and tired of seeing the Patriots in and in that it really did not interest over on the protests going on.

Plus that of wanting to see some other team new like the Jaguars never been in it.

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