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Panthers Starting St. Pierre


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Brian St. Pierre, a 31 year old quarterback with five career pass attempts that was out of the NFL until two weeks ago, will start for the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.


John Fox announced the decision to a somewhat stunned Panthers press corps.


“This is not a joke,” Darin Gantt of the Rock Hill Herald wrote on Twitter. “This move is impossible to justify. Fox offered “it is what it is.” Seen a lot of crazy stuff here over the years. Nothing quite like this.

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That's a sad situation there.


You have to appreciate Flacco's toughness because the Ravens only carry 2 QB's. He comes to play week after week.

Behind Joe is Bulger...not too bad at all after all the years the Ravens couldn't find 1 good QB much less have good depth at that position.

Did you hear Bouldin is our #3 QB?

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I agree with the sentiment for this game. Its the Craven curse that worries me. I don't recall if it is a board curse as well...


Good question!

When crav uses it it definitely opens a portal that lets out a dark, negative power.

I think none of us should ever utter that phrase for as long as we live. You could wake up the next day and your kids have 3 heads.

It's just too risky IMO.

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Im sorry. Pierre ain't no Rodney Peete.


This game should be as exciting as Buffalo vs Cleveland.



furst.jpg"Is this the curse in code?"


"I'm going to close the portal!"


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