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Which coach you want to keep

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7 hours ago, OneManCypher said:

I respectfully  but totally disagree, Roman and Lamar together are lethal, I think it between the two , Wink is easier to replace. But with Dacosta running the show , whomever are our coordinators, we will have a talented roster.

Me too, though I really hate to lose either one.

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It's taken years of successes and failures, learning, experience and finally, good fortune, for the Ravens organization to create this 'Perfect Storm'.

Any change will diminish it. Yet the whole is greater than the parts, and this beast should continue to steam roll. :gorave:

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The worst thing that can happen to ruin young quarterbacks is having revolving doors at the oc position. Losing Roman could set Lamar back years.

A good defensive coordinator is easier to find to fit your system. 3-4 vs 4-3, types of pressure and the set up of coverages you play. Simple questions to answer by a phone call with a potential coordinator and viewing his game tapes.

Finding someone to fit this offense as it is constituted, well you might have to over pay a college coach from an option school to come to the NFL...

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Since there will be no change in HC's in Jacksonville, Detroit and Atlanta, the amount of HC jobs are limited, yet the field of candidates is large.

That gives the Ravens a better chance to hang on to Wink and Greg.

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