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It's all well and good if


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This is all well and good if there is a season.



BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens have the best chance in the NFL to win Super Bowl LV, sports betting website SportsLine predicts.

The website ran 10,000 simulations and found the Ravens have a 23.7 percent chance of taking home the Lombardi Trophy.

READ MORE: Ravens Draft, Schedule Have SportsLine’s Larry Hartstein Taking The Over On Their 11.5 Win Total

Last season’s champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, have a 21.5 percent chance of winning two Super Bowls in a row, SportsLine said, followed by the San Francisco 49ers at 14 percent, New Orleans Saints at 10.3 percent and Minnesota Vikings at 3.6 percent.

SportsLine also predicts the Ravens have a slight edge in being named the AFC champions at 38.3 percent compared to Kansas City’s 34.1 percent.....https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/ravens-have-best-chance-of-winning-super-bowl-lv-sportsline-predicts/ar-BB13SaGM?ocid=hplocalnews

How will empty stadiums effect the games?

If some players test positive after a game then do you quarantine both teams for 14 days?

Does anybody think we'll have football?



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I'm really hoping we do have football but it's just too soon to know. Some areas of the country are improving but that was due to the big hunker-in. Now that some places are relaxing restrictions we should know soon if that is going to boomerang.

Games in empty stadiums is a real possibility. And if a team is quarantined what happens to their scheduled games?

The NFL still has a lot of thinking to do. 

And if there is a rebound in the fall do you just terminate the season that was underway?

Questions abound but answers are too hard to come by yet.


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It all depends on how things go once they open the entire country and we see if the nuber of cases ballons again. Time is all we have to go on right now, once we start people flying everywhere again, people going back to work, things could get ugly...


As far as the Ravens, win 1 playoff game, look like you belong in the playoffs, then we can talk. 121 mil on the defense, no real practice, this should be eh, interesting...

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The next two weeks will tell us as more & more people go out with or against orders....Gerogia, Wisconsin, California, Florida, watch these states and the states around them. If they jump in cases two week from now, or drop in cases, we will have an amswer.


But the teams, the leagues have to decide what happena if one player on one team cpmes down with it? Or two? Is the team now bounced from the achedules?


You know the owners want to games to be played, but what about season ticket holders?

Even if they are played, no fans, do fans get a refund? Millions, 100's of millions could be lost not even counting the jobs no longer needed if fans are not in the stands; concessions money is a big boost or loss.

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It's going to be the Governors call...



"We own Camden Yards,” Hogan told ESPN. “We own M&T [Bank] Stadium for the Ravens. So I'm the largest sports landlord here in our region. We, the governors of all the states, whether they own the facilities or not, will be the determining factor as to whether or not they are allowed to play sports."............https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/report-maryland-s-larry-hogan-says-governors-will-be-the-determining-factor-in-return-of-sports/ar-BB14kScu?ocid=hplocalnews

Here's the big catch...the one big issue that will probably mean we don't see football and baseball this year....especially because Covid will be 4 times worse in the fall....


Initially, fans will be unable to attend games.

The plan reportedly does not require that if a player becomes infected, all of the other players who came in contact with him must be quarantined for at least 14 days, as per Centers for Disease Control guidelines. Hogan, a Republican who serves as the chairman of the National Governors Association, told ESPN he doubts the league will be able to navigate even a shortened season without any players testing positive.

"It's very likely that, no matter what kind of safety protocols they put in place, that some players are going to be infected," Hogan said............https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/report-maryland-s-larry-hogan-says-governors-will-be-the-determining-factor-in-return-of-sports/ar-BB14kScu?ocid=hplocalnews

He's right. Players are going to get infected, infect others players for both teams, and players will have to be quarantined.

Game over.

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There is just no way to play this sport safe from viruses; none. You can test all you want, but 10 days before you show signs? Then another 2-3 weeks before you are no longer able to pass it on? Not too mention how badly some get sick, some like a cold, others far worse than the flu...

Sure, this will always be around now, maybe we never see a cure or prevention, but isn't it worth waiting to see?

This ecconomy is still going to go down, no sense tempting people to gamble on sports, save them from their selves this year; just say no to sports, football, this year.

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That won't work, it will cause the players trouble with breathing, not too mention the pounding it will take. A shield for vision is one thing, and they get scratched often, but the face mask allows air for the player to breathe, yes even just covering the front of the mask will cause breathing issues, anyone who has worn a helmet can tell you this...

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