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The Giants. Ahhh fond memories! : OIP.z1cDtKgXPl1_bs6raLEUwAHaE8?w=265&h=1OIP.AHgZfa4ZRUrx--vLmQemIwHaE6?w=262&h=1OIP.gAK9-3PFqk3zV0zBfMl-yAHaK7?w=125&h=1


Ravens win percentage is 80.4% in a "Must Win" game for both teams. Actually they are in similar situations. Both teams need to win out and have somebody lose one game.


Meanwhile in East Rutherford:


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Where are the points? That’s the question the New York Giants must be asking themselves after a 20-6 loss to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday night.

The Giants (5-9) amazingly still have aspirations to win the division. They can thank the impotent NFC East for that.

But it’s going to be hard if they continue at this pace. The Giants turned three first-half red zone trips into three points. They became the first team with two first-half turnovers on downs in the red zone in the first half of a game since 2006. Giants' offense hits new low, but New York still in NFC East hunt - New York Giants- ESPN

Yea....they will have to do better scoring. But will they?:nono: :gorave:

Team Stats

nyg.png&h=100&w=100 bal.png&h=100&w=100
Points Per Game 17.4 28.8
Points Allowed Per Game 22.2 20.5
Total Yards 317.4 359.5
Yards Passing 203.9 186.8
Yards Rushing 113.5 172.7
Yards Allowed 366.3 360.5
Pass Yards Allowed 264.5 250.6
Rush Yards Allowed 101.8 109.9

The Giants have a very good front 7 and do well against the run.


The Giants will present Jackson, as well as running backs Gus Edwards and rookie J.K. Dobbins, with one of the NFL's best run defenses. They are sixth in both yards allowed per game (101.8) and per carry (3.9), their best ranking and lowest average since 2016,...Giants face another dual-threat QB in Baltimore Ravens' Lamar Jackson

We'll see how well they do against the Ravens. If they contain Lamar :fishin:...then I guess he'll just have to beat them with his arm like last Sunday.OIF.v5yGYHwDeEHzHulmE8aasw?w=295&h=180&c

Stat you can only get here to impress your friends will all your football knowledge:

The Giants haven't won in Baltimore since Sept. 15, 1963

And the Giants offense????

They have trouble finding the End Zone:


The offense struggled to gain its footing with Colt McCoy at quarterback.

The Giants scored six points one week after a 26-7 loss to Arizona. The 13 combined points is their lowest total in consecutive games since Sept. 10-18, 2018, when they totaled 13 (losing 19-3 at Dallas and 24-10 to Detroit). It is their lowest point total over two home games since Oct. 31-Nov. 14, 1976, when they scored 12 points in a 10-0 loss to Philadelphia and a 12-9 victory against Washington. The 13 points is their lowest total in home games played in consecutive weeks since they were shut out in back-to-back games by Pittsburgh (27-0) and Philadelphia on Oct. 24-31, 1976.

The Giants did not score a touchdown for the third time this season. They kicked three field goals for all their points vs. San Francisco in 36-9 loss on Sept. 27 and a 17-9 defeat the following week to the Rams in Los Angeles...Giants can't find end zone in 20-6 loss to Browns

Equally important as a Ravens win Sunday, are the Colts, Browns and Dolphins games. They need one of those teams to have a loss over the next 2 weeks.

Sunday the Browns play the Jets. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQnCGlGrJ-rNR_6zYg1nTe....71.7% win probability

The Steelers play the Colts...61.5% win probability for Steelers...images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSe0ReL4gX4H3nRM5pYDXP "are you stupid enough to believe that?"

Best chance. Dolphins/Raiders. Raiders win probability 55.7% The same Raiders who have lost 4 out of their last 5 with one of the losses to the Jets. The Dolphins D is only surrendering 18.4 points per game.:scared:

Who comes up with these win percentages?

What idiot would even quote them?


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They will load the box and keep Lamar in the pocket. For a quarter or a half the good defensive fronts have slowed the Ravens offense. Then they break. I think the Giant D keeps it respectable for the first half. 

The Ravens have the 31st ranked passing attack. Giants 29th. I'm not worried about Jones and his receivers.


Jones has thrown just eight touchdown passes and has 14 total turnovers..........New York Giants coach Joe Judge says Daniel Jones 'is our quarterback' (espn.com)


The Giants O line has given up the 4th most sacks in the league. They can't score.


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I think the Ravens will be ready and up to the task. I have feeling Andrews will see the ball a lot. I think we will be able to run on them too. I wouldn't be surprised if the defense gets in on the scoring too.

I do not think it will be a blow out, with a JV group of receivers you can never expect a blowout, but I think it will be an easy win.

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The kicker misses 2 extra points and a FG. Gruden has brain farts and doesn't go for the TD. Roughing the passer...face mask on Key....so who got paid off? This was the Ravens best shot. Down the drain. I don't see any help coming. The Bills will rest key players. The Steelers will choke. the best shot now is the Jets. Imagine the playoff hopes on them?! All the Browns receivers are out due to Covid. Slim chance for a win.

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