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Ravens sign Zeitler

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7 hours ago, papasmurfbell said:

I am seeing ngakuoe is close to a deal with the raiders.   He was a wasted pick.

Agree, one of the most over rated players in the game.

Corey Davis signs with the Jets, I am surprised. They don't even have a qb... It was for decent money, not too much, I wonder if the Ravens made an offer. He is a decent receiver, a bit inconsistent with his hands but he could have beem good here for that money.

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8 hours ago, GrubberRaven said:

Should we be showing any confidence in this Colon-Castillo guy?

He showed promise when given the chance, but he also wasn't given much of a chance to play when injuries were healed even when those players played poorly. So the question is why?

Are we, the fans, missing something? Is he just one of those players the coaches don't like?

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16 hours ago, tsylvester said:

What do we read into Ju Ju turning down the Ravens offer of $1.5 mil more than the Steelers who have an aging qb who can't throw it deep any more?

What does this mean for Galiday, while they have to pay him 3x more than any other team to come here?

I'm glad the Ravens didn't get that Diva.

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The Zeitler addition is huge. He's a beast and this closes a need for this years draft. He can do it all. Road grade, pull and pass protect.

Think of it....Bozeman at center, Zeitler and Brown...human steam rollers. :bow:

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