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He gets 2 $40 mil bonus checks in the first 2 yrs. The highest non qb salary in the NFL. Nice job waiting to make that signing.



No...Only $40 mil in the 1st 2 years...


According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Ngata's deal is worth $61 million, including $40 million in the first two years. He is under contract through the 2015 season.


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Suh 'destroyed' the market with his rookie deal. What could've been done about that? And Albert's record-setter had little impact as he ended up failing. I like the contract and believe it's a fair deal.


Best part, what a good guy....


“@1WinningDrive: Ngata: "It just feels awesome. Hopefully, I can continue to do well for the Ravens now and it's a good deal for them."”

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I think that WWII would have been avoided if we killed Hitler sooner.


I think that the Raiders should have traded Bo Jackson before his injury.


I think that Ravens should have traded Kindle before he fell down the stairs!


See how easy that is!


Everybody.....everyone! Come look....come see how smart I am!


Except the Japanese brought in the US. Hitler wanted nothing to do with bringing in the US. Nice try though.


I said about 3 yrs ago on this very board that they should have redone his deal. It is like I said I liked Denario Alexander in the Draft. Hmmm who does he play for?

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