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Fantastic Stat

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It is important.

It says Joe kept looking for the best matchups and found them. Teams can only go so deep in good cover guys.

Only so many linebackers can cover. When you have Ray Rice, Pita and Dixon that stresses the linebackers. Hell Joe hit Leach and Ricky too.

Then they have a legit field stretcher in Smith and the whole field opens for Joe...and all his options.


Smith, Pita, Dixon, Williams and Reed are getting valuable experience. They are growing into their roles and getting better, getting more confident, one game at a time.


Since the Ravens are winning it's a blessing in disguise for the rookies and young guys that Evans is huirt. They have to step up and make plays which is the fastest way to develop. Sitting on the bench, weekly practice is not the same as gameday.

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Harbaugh can't stop talking about the job Grubbs has done. This guy must be a really great guard to have this kind of influence on our OL. We should really consider locking these types of lineman up. Give Joe time and he'll make WRs look like stars!


On another note, I read that Evans is returning to practice with his sights set on the Hawks game. He says the major thing is the cutting, not the straight ahead running.

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Just sayin in overall gameplanning. I think we'll definitely run a few three receiver sets. I also think that we can run three receivers, 5 lineman, Rice, and Pitta on a few rare occasions. Maybe in a few 2nd and short scenarios where the all out blitz won't be on etc.


Then the total packages are endless. Also, if anyone remembers, Flacco ran the slant very well with Evans early on. It was a nice comfort blanket that Evans could get off the line so quickly.

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