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What the Ravens did right to win the game


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In a game where the Titans offense moved the ball and their defense basically stopped the Ravens offense....hell the Titans won the stat battle....


List what you saw the Ravens do right.


I'll start...the Ravens chose to kick into the wind in the 3rd quarter so they could have the wind at their back in the 4th...thinking it would come down to a field goal for a win.


I've seen this before...




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Kept their composure. I never saw panic on the sidelines of the Ravens. I did see it on the Titans though. They played to win and win they did. Mcgahee is back its good we got him. Oh the best thing they did was get Johnson out of the game. Oh and they were trying to lets say Slow him down at least. HEHEHEHE GO RAVENS

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All I have to say... Flacco's first gamewinning drive. Anyone see the fire in his eyes after the Heap pass? Once I saw that I was feeling pretty confident about winning.



Didn't see it cleetz...I was hugging my son...:)

I got it on tape so I'll catch it.


He made the play...Joe Cool made the play.

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What an unbelievable game, guys !!!


Just a quick reflection on the game and the keys from an earlier post of mine:


On Offense


Running Game - Aside from the obvious need to control the LOS, we must have a good, not necessarily dominant,

running game with little of no miscues.


We didnt get the production but no miscues. We got it half right !


Passing Game- Bazooka Joe has got to take care of the ball and have an effiicent game and, unlike last Sunday, has to connect on 2-3 long plays downfield "this time". Mason will have to have another Mason game. Clayton and Heap can't disappear this game.


We got it right !!


On Defense


Run D - We need another repeat performance from earlier in the season. Cannot let Johnson and Lendale White take over at any point in this game. Must have a stellar performance for the Run D.


We stopped White but Johnson was stopped by an injury. We got it half right !


Pass D - My biggest concern. We have got to make Kerry Collins' life miserable the ENTIRE game. Our pass D has got to prevent the dunk and dunk to the Titans RBs and TEs (Crumpler and Scaife) - thats where they had most of their success in last game. Our CBs (esp Ivy and Washington) have got to WRAP UP the Titans runners and receivers or they will get burned. I still cringe watching replays of Washington trying to tackle Ronnie Brown's shoulders and helmet last week. Note to FWash: Ronnie Brown is half the runner of Lendale White or Johnson. Wrap up, dude !!!!


We didnt wrap up but we got the picks. We got it right !



Special Teams


We will need kickoff, punt and coverage at a high level again this week. Stover and Koch need to come up big and control the field position battle.


Stover and Koch got it right !




We got it just enough right; enough success on pass offense and pass defense to win it !





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Didn't see it cleetz...I was hugging my son...:)

I got it on tape so I'll catch it.


He made the play...Joe Cool made the play.

Not to get away from that play or that drive but what about the play early in the game when "The Pain" was held back to block but Joe had Titans all around him. He see "The Pain" behind him and toss the ball to him.


Not bad at all.

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How big was that red flag?



You mean Harbaugh's challenge of the catch that put the ball back making it a longer field goal attempt?


It was huge.

That's coaching and game management.

Fishee wishes he had used his.



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Wow. Just a few thoughts.


I JUST got back from the game.


Let me just say that the Ravens Fans turnout was freaking huge.


I don't know who all went, but what an amazing sight to see 10,000 Ravens fans walking down 2nd Avenue to the stadium. I'll have to post some of the pictures as soon as I get them uploaded. There were purple jerseys as far as you could see both ways (I was in the middle of the pack).


Game was sooo sloppy, but AWESOME!!


Damn I was cold. Dude behind me was all pissed about something, and he said "Why don't you go catch a Lobster!" LOL.


Oh, I took some pictures of a bunch of angry, heart-broken Titans fans leaving my section, and they didn't like it too much. We had a celebration in the stands after the final whistle. Don't worry, I was a good sport :)


I know there is some hardcore partying going on at 2nd Avenue right now, but Mom and I were/are super beat, and we're leaving at 6 am, so no parties for us tonight.


I can't wait to watch the game tomorrow!! If the roommate somehow messed up the DVR, and didn't record it...it's curtains!


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Guest BallTMore
Cool, can't wait to see the pics!


If you get NFL NEtwork, the game will air again on Tuesday or Wednesday NFL replay!



Tuesday. 9:30pm *cabbage patch*

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Guys I just got back from my trip to Nashville, that place is fun!!!!


Game comments:


- Oline played awesome in pass protection, but they were blown up on run blocking

- flacco throws a amazing deep ball, great catch clayton

- need to score tds in redzone

- linebackers looked terrible trying to tackle johnson

- johnson goin out was the biggest play of the game for us..... he was dominating

- collins looked solid as did gage

- luv leonhard on special teams and defense...landry could be in for a battle next yr

- dissappointed in rex ryans defensive schemes yesterday

- crappy field position led to conservative playcalling

- titan fans were very nice and cordial... That stadium was really loud BTW. The mist at the start of the game was awesome, perfect weather for a playoff game....

- my game balls: offense - flacco and jared gaither; Defense - ngata and leonhard; Special teams - leaonhard with that nice return, stover & koch



Side note: After the game the ravens were partying all over music city. Bar scene downthere is sweet. And Crav, I karaoked "Who let the dogs out" last night.


As i was leaving today, I saw the one and only dick vitale walking by my hotel.....Real weird.

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