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goodbye Dickson goodbye Cundiff


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Why Didn't the Ravens Use Last Timeout?


This made me feel better in the comments section: "What a shank..........Cundiff gets PAID millions to trot out every so often a kick a ball...........He should be in Baltimore what Ray Fenkel was to Miami in the Ace Ventura Pet dectective movie.............."

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Dickson is pretty solid as a blocker and a very solid route runner... but not pass catcher. I don't remember many big games from him. Even in games where he caught passes, I remember frequent drops.

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Dickson has the droppsies, especially at inopportune times. That's often hard to correct. Give him another camp, but if the droppsies rear their head again, there's no use having a guy that can open all the time who is gonna drop the pass in big situations. I wanna give him a chance still, but I would say the leash is short.

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