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How Ravens Can Nab Wallace From Pit.


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There are two things you should remember about General Manager Ozzie Newsome as you read how the Ravens could nab receiver Mike Wallace away from the Pittsburgh Steelers:



First, Ozzie covets draft picks.

Second, he lives by the mantra, “Right player, right price.”


That said, the Pittsburgh Steelers are in “big trouble,” says ESPN’s Adam Schefter, because they have a “potential real problem” in keeping Wallace, who many consider one of the most complete wide receivers in the game today.

The Steelers, who are already trying to find ways to get under the cap, will likely franchise or tender Wallace with a first-round draft choice, says Schefter. This year, teams cannot tender a player for both a first and a third.


Thus, a team that is eyeing Wallace could send Pittsburgh a first-rounder, and then to ensure Kevin Colbert and Co. can’t match an offer to keep him, the said team can propose a roster bonus that the cap-strapped Steelers can’t afford.

So if you’re the Baltimore Ravens or Cincinnati Bengals or San Francisco 49ers, what you do is you structure a contract with a roster bonus that’s paid right away,” said Schefter. “If there’s a roster bonus of $20, $25, $30 million, Pittsburgh would have to pay that right now. Pittsburgh is way over the cap. They’re struggling to get under the cap. That would be a very difficult thing to do.”



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Is this guy really a difference maker? Is he really worth going after? It seems to me WRs very rarely propel a team deep in a Super Bowl etc. It seems that a good QB and quality O-Line are much more valuable than the WRs. Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like our WRs are poised for something remarkable.


Totally agree.


th_dr-evil-original.jpg "Does Pittsburgh have a problem?"


They are old. Now they have an owner who might be turing into a bad owner.

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Mike Wallace was just interviewed on Sirius NFL Radio. Here are the highlights:


- He said his "heart is in Pittsburgh" but he needs to take care of his family first and wants to sign a long-term contract. Repeatedly mentioned he wants to stay in Pittsburgh but understands its a business

- His top priorities are: a long-term deal, going to a winning team, and playing with a proven QB. Wallace said he would not want to sign with a losing team.

- Adam Schein brought up New England and San Francisco as ideal fits, and told Mike the Pats would be the Super Bowl favorites with Mike. Mike thought both teams were a good fit and Super Bowl contenders

- Schein also asked Mike if Alex Smith would qualify as a proven QB. Mike said he likes Coach Harbaugh a lot, the "sky's the limit" for that team and likes how Harbaugh puts that offense in "good situations."

- Mike was completely blindsided by Arians (BA he called him) being fired. Really liked him. Wondered if something happened "behind the scenes." Said he has not spoken with Haley nor does he see it as important until his contract situation is cleared up.

- Got a little ticked when the hosts brought up his drought down the stretch of the season, challeneged "anyone to look at the film" with him.

- Wants to improve his short game and his YAC skills


And finally the last question asked...

- Mike laughed when asked if he would sign a contract with the Ravens. Said it would be difficult and would never want Steeler fans to hate him, but if that's what it took for him to take care of his family financially he would have to consider it



Schein stated from what it sounds like, if the Steelers cannot reach a deal with Wallace before the beginning of free agency, he's as good as gone. He kind of put words in Wallace's mouth, but Wallace seemed to agree with that statement.

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Wallace is a better receiver. I think all that Brown stuff was just to get under Wallace's skin. I don't think the Ravens will make an offer because they need to invest money elsewhere, specifically Oline. What good is having two deep threats if Flacco doesn't have time to get them the ball? If it was Dez Bryant or larry Fitz...a big bodied receiver with all around game then maybe they bite.


I think he ends up in NE with Brady. Either way, it looks like he's leaving and it'll be good to get him out of Pittsburgh.

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I thought wallace was gone better also but he isnt. He runs flys and drag routes and uf the ball isnt right there hes not going to go up and get it or fight for the ball. Im not worried about losing him we could use the extra first. Brown does it all he will run all the routes go up and get it and fight for it. I dont think yinz have a chance you are right there at the cap and have to get rice and flacco under contract. I really think it will be the bengals and i think the steelers will grab a tall wr with the other first. Haley loves big strong wrs.

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Rice as of now has no cap #. So when signed the cap will go down.



Flacco is 6.76 for 2012. I don't think it will go down that far for a new big contract. Maybe 1-1.5 mil.


There is no way they can afford him unless they really redo contrcts make more cuts. They still have to get what 18 guys in under the cap.

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Its going to take a roster bonus to get him unlike a signing bonus that all counts against this years cap. From what ive been reading its going to take a roster bonus of 15-20 mil plus he wants 8 mil and pretty much said balt would have to give him the best deal becuase he doesnt want steelers fans hating him. So your looking at 23-28 millions against the cap this year not spread out. If you offer him a signing bonus that doesnt remove the steelers from the equation. The only thing that could remove the steelers is an insane roster bonus. Only a handful of teams have the space for that i still think he ends up a steelers his agent and the steelers have been talking and have about a month left. Also the steelers are about 4 mil over and all the rumors have them cutting hampton kemo farrior or foote a. Smith and a few others. Plus ben troy amd harrison are all working on restructuring. The projected number is the steelers will be around 25 mil under the cap come march 15th.

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Looks like your chances maybe getting slimmer Colbert just said they are going to do everything they can so wallace retires a steeler. Put that with what wallace said tells me a deal is close. Also we could franchise him which cap wise would suck unless they came to a deal. Khan is a genuis when it comes to the cap. Every year we are at or over the cap and everplayerse keep the key players.

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