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Who do you want for OC?

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I'm leaning toward Caldwell. I like what I'm seeing. Although his hands are tied with having to use the same playbook, he is making small but significant changes.

The stretch runs gouged the Bengals and Giants. The running game is back better than ever.

Joe looks comfortable in the no huddle and hurry up without a decent O line. I'm seeing more motion and passing routes.

Maybe this offense becomes explosive like Indy's was with Manning.

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I say give Jim a chance in the playoffs and see if the offense continues to move the ball. If it does I'd stick with him. If not, then I'd like to see a college coach with a great resume for offense. I'm a little tired of NFL retreads.

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Definately stay with Caldwell, Norv has been a HC for to long and probably would be insulted at a OC job.



The bigger question, who do we want as DC, caus Peas must go, teams dont go from top 5 to bottom 5 overnight as we did..I dont want to hear the injury excuse!!!!

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I lost faith in Peas after he had a 3 man line inside our 5 yard line that allowed the Redskins rookie QB to waltz into the endzone on a draw (it wasn't RGIII either!).


However, I think we have to give him another season with a healthy Suggs. The D has done ok with some of the scrubs we have had to play on the D-Line and secondary not to mention the LB core has been decimated but is still doing well.

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