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9 Point Underdogs. It's On!

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Oh it's on now!

The Ravens have just been slapped in the face!


..Few experts are picking the Ravens to win, and the Broncos were early nine-point favorites.

I love being the underdog.


I cherish the position because it can often bring out the best in a team, and the Ravens will need that to beat Denver.

.But this could be one of their moments of greatness on the way to the Lombardi Trophy.

But to do that, they have to, in the words of former Ravens head coach Brian Billick, "go into Denver screaming like a banshee."


Everybody seems to want a New England vs Denver match in the AFC title game, and for that, the Ravens should be ticked.


This game has to be personal. So much that Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis should break out the "Where Would You Rather Be?" speech, the 2013 version, one more time.


On game day, the Ravens should attack instead of being attacked, and go after Manning and the Broncos because there is nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


There are few positions in sports better than being an underdog except when you pull the upset of the year and win one of the biggest games in franchise history.


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I like your spirit . In addition to the screaming banshee mindset, we are going to need divine intervention - remember the Shannon Sharpe catch against Denver in 2000 playoffs ? - and for all the planets to align - something truly majestic or fortunate - for us to win Sunday.


Thats my two cents.......

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This team has a chance.

It was 10-0 with 15 seconds left in the 1st half when Joe threw that stupid pick 6.

The Ravens were in the game with the offense asleep at the wheel. Granted that was home in Baltimore and it's a whole different dynamic playing at Mile High where the fans feast on mountain oysters.


Manning is a playoff choker. He's been one and done in 7 of 11 playoff games. That is a good sampling...11 games.

He's not friggn'n god.


This is one angry Ravens team heading out there and they have a secret weapon...


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This makes up for 6 points...


However, the Ravens should get a boost by being back at full strength. Against the Broncos three weeks ago, the Ravens were without four of their top five tacklers (linebackers Lewis, Dannell Ellerbe and Jameel McClain and safety Bernard Pollard). Pro Bowl right guard Marshal Yanda and tight end Ed Dickson also didn't play. On Saturday, all except McClain are expected to go.




He will score on the Denver Dumbys

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So who is going to stop Moreno? Yeah that stopping of Ballard last week was amazing. With Stay Puff out there he blocks the LB's for the other team. Also you better hope Peirce is good because he is more dangerous than Rice now.


Whats this better hope Pierce is good? the 3 headed monster is alive and well..Noshow Moreno..mehhhh, Ngata will flatten him a couple times

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I finally found somebody who thinks the Ravens have a shot after searching the internet for hours! :laugh:


With the Ravens heading to Denver for Saturday's AFC Divisional Playoff Game on a short week, conventional wisdom says this game will be very one-sided. We don't see it that way. There are a lot of reasons to believe the Ravens will keep this close.



The Denver locker room on Monday will look like this....


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