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Ogden Makes the Hall of Fame.


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Justice was done for J.O as the first pick of the the new Ravens franchise in the 1996 draft. He heard the news while in New Orleans with the Ravens at their second Super Bowl appearance.



"It means so much," Ogden said. "You don't play to get in the Hall of Fame. You play to gain the respect of your peers. Playing offensive line, you don't look for individual glory. But for the writers to say you're among the best players in the history of football, that's just breathtaking. It really hasn't hit me."


We knew he should make it in on the first ballot, but until that happens you never know for sure.


He really made it look easy blocking the NFL's best pass rushers because he was so physically gifted. J.O. had the drive to maximize his talents and set the highest standard of excellence for himself. He was one of the games great technicians.


He was a "Gentile Giant" off the field but a fierce and firey competitor on it.


Earning a Super Bowl ring tops off an outstanding career.





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Did you guys see his ovation during the coin toss when they introduced the new inductees? That was the coolest thing I think I saw all day, aside from the game. So glad to see JO get his love.

I stated in the game thread I want a gif of Jon bringing out the double guns in his introduction. Great stuff.


I hope (and think) he had a great night tonight!

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The ovation for Jonathan was fantastic. He felt the Baltimore love.

The only thing missing was letting him walk the trophy to the platform.


J.O. goes into the Hall and Ray retires...what a fitting end to the first 2 draft picks of the Ravens.

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It is a damn shame Art was screwed again. I wonder if the Ravens had not been in NO if he would have made it.



I don't think it would've mattered. I don't think Art ever gets in due to Cleveland's hatred. I don't quite understand all the depth of the hatred as they did immediately (almost) get another team with same name, colors, and history. Its a shame.

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