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DirecTV could pull plug on NFL Sunday Ticket


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Like many of you, I first became aware of DirecTV in 1994, when the company provided football fans the opportunity, for the first time ever, to watch every NFL game. For 18-plus years since then, DirecTV has had the exclusive ability to make every game available.

That could soon be ending.

DirecTV CFO Pat Doyle said at a Wednesday investors conference that, if the price goes up too high when the current NFL Sunday Ticket deal expires after the 2014 season, DirecTV would consider “striking a non-exclusive deal with the NFL or possibly even dropping the popular package,” writes the Hollywood Reporter, via SportsBusiness Daily.

The fact that there’s no new deal only two seasons away from expiration of the current contract isn’t a good sign, given that the NFL usually extends these things years in advance. Complicating matters is the fact that the popularity of the RedZone channel, now available via cable, has made the Sunday Ticket package less important to many fans. Also, the availability of every game on NFL Rewind after the fact reduces the attractiveness of features that previously were exclusive to DirecTV.

Thus, with the money going up and the exclusivity being carved away, it’s no surprise that DirecTV is considering passing on the package. The question becomes whether the ability to watch all games would instead be sold to a cable provider — or to multiple cable providers.

Regardless of how it turns out, the fact that there’s no deal less than two years away from the expiration of the current one suggests that change is coming for the way fans purchase the ability to watch any/all Sunday afternoon games.



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I won't get Direct TV. I'm not letting bad weather wreck my football fix.


If the Ravens have a late away game, then it's the NFL Redzone for me from 1-4.

587 TD's....when they get 4 screens going it's a blast....and Skippy [scott Hansen] is great to watch and listen too as he races from 1 game to another.

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I love the NFL Ticket, this will mark the 13th year for me..And its only going to be 224.00 for the season.


No bad weather during football season Max, if football was played in June-August then Id be worried..


Yeah I love my Game Pass subscription (Our version of NFL Ticket) plus all the extras we get with it through the week. It sure beats watching all those illegal streams of Ravens games when they weren't on tv over here. Plus I love the the condensed games where you can watch each game in less than 30mins (No replays or breaks) That is a cool feature.

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Good. I have been forced into getting DirectTV just for Sunday Ticket and I am liking them less and less every year. Sunday Ticket is awesome, but DirectTV's customer service has taken a dive in recent years. It'll be nice to have a choice If they make Sunday Ticket available to multiple cable providers. It should also drive the price down to something more reasonable if fans can get the package on Verizon or Comcast as well.

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Very interesting. I barely watch cable so I've just been streaming Ravens games for years since I'm out of market. Red Zone channel has indeed lessened the need for Sunday Ticket and the availability of online streaming has too I'm sure. I would love if DirecTv passed on the exclusive version of this, because at that point I'd guess that most (if not all) the cable companies could jump on board to offer it but at lower prices since they wouldn't be paying for exclusivity.

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