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Ravens Sign Marcus Spears


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Really revamping the front-line with versatile players who were former studs. Love the work up there. Focus on the line and the linebackers don't matter.




@JasonLaCanfora: It's a 2ys, $3.55M deal for Marcus Spears and the Ravens


Another great contract. Keep it up Oz.

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Another DE...isn't that what Canti is? What are we going 4-3 because we don't have enough linebackers?

Don't jump to that. Depth is always a great thing on the D-Line, and last year we were really lacking. Canty is a 3/4 DE who can play DT in a pass-rushing situation and Spears is simply a DE. We were awful against the run last year and need depth. Maybe this signals Ngata back to NT and Cody as his backup a bit more though.

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Ozzie might be trying to beef up the line and add some depth in free agency so he won't have to worry about it in the draft. He can focus on LB and safetyin the draft....and an LT ya think!?!


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Dumervil is going to be getting $7 Million or so a year in this market, and might be willing to take $6 to come to a team like the Ravens, so I wouldn't rule it out yet. Key for us is finalizing the Anquan deal and freeing up his salary.


According to this http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/baltimore-ravens/cap-hit/ (which has Boldin's salary gone) we've got 11 Million in room.

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