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Could 2013 Defense Be Better Than 2012?


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CBSSports.com’s Will Brinson and Pete Prisco think so.

“What Baltimore did this season was smart,” Brinson said. “And there’s a decent chance that they go into 2013with a better defense than the one they had in 2012.

“You start to look at the guys that they lost … they were willing to let the market set itself and let these guys go if they got too expensive. They learned their lesson after their last Super Bowl victory and they’re not going to get stuck in salary cap hell. I think it’s smart to cut your losses on some of these guys.”

The two analysts repeatedly asked what the Ravens really lost so far this offseason.

In Prisco and Brinson’s words …

  • Paul Kruger was a part-time starter that got hot at the right time.
  • Dannell Ellerbe only started 14 games.
  • Anquan Boldinicon-article-link.gif was too slow and is “replaceable.”
  • Ed Reed “couldn’t tackle me,” said Prisco.
  • Ray Lewis was “the most overrated player on that entire defense.”
  • Cary Williams played well, but “wasn’t really a great cornerback.”


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heres more



What are they doing?

Many citizens of Ravenstown have asked that question recently while watching their team carry out a surprisingly aggressive overhaul of a Super Bowl-winning roster.

Some fans have asked it desperately, while wringing their hands and possibly moaning, as in “What are they DOING?” The departure of popular, productive players tends to generate such a response.

Of course, asking the question in that tenor tacitly implies that maybe the organization doesn’t know what it’s doing, a pretty ridiculous assumption in the wake of its five-year run that has included five trips to the playoffs, three trips to the AFC title game and a Super Bowl victory. Let’s just say it’s pretty clear the Ravens know what they’re doing.

But in the wake of recent events, it’s fair to ask the question more searchingly, as in, “OK, exactly what are they trying to accomplish here?” What are they doing by simultaneously cutting ties with so many leaders and key players? Are they rebuilding, using the breathing room earned with the Super Bowl win to take a step back before they can go forward again?


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Don't know about anyone else, but I want our D to be off everyone's - media, the league - radar screen. Let everyone think our D is awful, decimated, zero leadership - which is the current perception.


The addition of Elvin changes that slightly but overall many pundits have us as a middle of the road team, at best.


I'd like the perception to remain that way and have the media and opposition to write us off for the next year or so.


Stay under the radar !

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This will be a much better defense than last years. Maybe not top 5, but top 10 for sure.


The guys Ozzie has brought in can play multiple positions which will allow Pees to use many sub packages. He can create favorable match ups. They will stop the run, bring heat from everywhere and get off the field on 3rd down, which last years unit could not do. The player rotation will keep them fresh too.


I heard Pees on the radio today and he was raving about Jimmy Smith. Smith hasn't gone home. He's at the facility every day.

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I wish the players could work with coaches this time of yr. I really think the NFLPA will shorten some guys careers with these stupid rules.


OK maybe that cant have physical contact with the coaches, but rest assure if the

players are there to work out, the coaches leave them an agenda to follow.

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Last week I read that Chip Kelly spoke to Vick at their facility and Foles on the phone. It said he was not allowed to talk about the offense. That is rediculous. If a player chooses to come in and wants to work with coaches they should be able to. The same with other players. Say a position coach helping a young guy with technigue. Under the CBA that is aginst the rules. That is crazy.

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