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One Winning Drive: Ray Rice Needs a Nickname


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Through 6 games this season, Ray Rice has proven to be a beast for the Ravens. Take a look at the numbers.

ray-rice.jpg1st in the league in total yards with 766 - more than 127 per game.

9th in the league in rush yards with 441 - and one of only three in the top 10 with more than 6.0 ypc, one of only 2 in the top 10 with no fumbles.

1st in the league in receiving yards by a RB with 325.

And all this despite averaging fewer than 18 touches per game. 18! In fact, in three games this season he hasn’t even touched the ball 16 times total.

So what’s it going to be… Ray Rice’s nickname?

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Ray Fucking Rice


Love it.


Hate migthy mouse, reminds me of a former soccer player Kevin Keegan who played around 70-85 for Liverpool (Oh so very wrong team, just like Steelers awful and lucky.. they have not won a championship in 20 years and I love it) and he played later for Hamburg, where I believe he gained that nickname, the migthy mouse.. He gives me still bad vibes.

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Ray Fucking Rice were the only words coming out of my mouth on Sunday, he was outstanding. Plus it just flows off the tongue so well haha



That's all I could say colin..:D.....Mighty Mouse was a joke guys...:) but he is one of Harbs Mighty Men...

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ray, "by god" rice!

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A great article from football outsiders, and with a lot of love to Ravens and to Rice.


For the season, DVOA ranks Baltimore third in the AFC, behind only New England and Indianapolis. Pittsburgh figures to improve now that Troy Polamalu has returned, but Baltimore still has a strong shot at a division title and a first-round bye. Isn't it about time Ray Rice started to get MVP consideration? His conventional statistics are impressive enough -- he's second in the league in yards from scrimmage per game -- but he looks even better in FO's advanced statistics, which more accurately measure his impact on wins and losses.


He leads all running backs in rushing DVOA and is fourth among running backs in receiving DYAR (Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement, DVOA's cousin that measures the total value of all plays instead of the average value per play). He leads the team in both rushing and receptions.



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