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So when Jones comes back


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Look at making several WR packages.

Joe can do a lot with that group when they are split into different packages/groups for different situations....create a lot of mismatches and head aches for defenses.

Now...if Dickson starts to come along....and the line get's it's ass in gear....th_strangelove_sm2.jpg

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I am not sure Jones will just get that 2 or 3 spot back.


With a healthy Thompson, Jones my be 4th.

He has the best combination of speed and hands, and runs better routes (see: Doss) than anyone outside of Torrey. Whether he plays primarily as the #2 or the #3 depends on how much they want to use him on ST, given Thompson's and Doss' flexibility there.


I think, from a depth chart perspective, it's pretty plainly Smith, Jones, Brown, Thompson, Doss. But as Max said, that's all going to change in-game based on the looks they want to show.

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Doss has one good game to his credit, but I'd like to see if he can build on it.

I was not excited for Jones at all before the season began, but then he had 2-3 catches in the Denver match before going down and I was intrigued. Going to be a tough choice, but a good problem to have.

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Coach Harbs said that he is weighing whether to bring JJ back as the punt returner and receiver or just easing him in as a receiver first. To me, this is a no brainer. Ease him in as a receiver only. Thompson and Doss have filled in very nicely in their respective roles as punt and kick off return men.

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