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I get it. By the time he was in the game it was college football.

He had a weak line and racked up 71 yards on 123 carries for 5.5 ypc. He had the longest gain of the day other than Taylor.



His power is impressive. He broke through the first and second hits and pushed the pile.

With the Ravens starting O line and the push that they were getting his forward momentum should make the push even deeper.

He's a Punisher of linebackers. In the game day thread I remarked that he's a mini Jamal Lewis.

He's perfect for Kubiaks offense.


When it's time to power it in the endzone or pound the running game to run out the clock it looks like he's the man.



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He is on an NFL team now, the guys across the line are on an NFL team now.


All that doesn't matter. It comes down to did he do what he should be doing.


He find the holes?

He run behind the FB?

He run over people?

He know what the play was?


I like the kid, he has some power.


Putting his foot down, pushing and stand 2 guys up just to gain a yard.

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Max, is he potentially the guy we can finally go

to on 3rd or 4th and 1? And make it ?


Maybe he's the hammer we be missing since Jamal ?


Yea...that's what I'm hoping.

Goal line...Thursday night the were 1st and 10 on their own 1 and he moved it out of there for some breathing room.

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Taliaferro and the O-Line, assuming they mesh well, could add a very important dimension to our offense. At the very least, it would make our offense more productive and efficient.

In the most optimistic terms; he, Pierce and Rice (after suspension) could resemble the 3 headed monster (McLain, McGahee and McLain) from about 3-4 years ago.

That was a pretty lethal unit and afforded Joe and receiving corps many, many options. Throw in Kubiak's game planning, we could witness some good stuff.

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Fort what it's worth, I just read an article that the Squeelers running game isn't so hot while their rookie linebacker, Shazier, is tearing teams apart. He'll be a force but back to Taliaferro, we know that he and Pierce will be able to fill in for Rice when he is out for 2 weeks.


Kubes hasn't shown anything of his offense other than the run game. He had to see if he had the guys to plug in for Rice and he has. Forsett is the only one who hasn't produced but he is a product of Kubes system and should be better.

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