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Stealers Game Thursday Night

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I feel bad for these guys. Between the emotion of the Rice case, the unwanted bad publicity of the organization, they are expected to go out and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, luckily at home. I;ll be damned proud of these guys if they can win this one.

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Easy Ravens win. :gorave:

Hell the Browns, with no QB or receivers, put up 24 second half points on the Steelers.

And held them to 3.


Ray Rice has nothing to do with this game.

the steelers also went uber conservative and went run run pass pretty much until the final drive. The steelers were 15 yards short of having a 100 yard rusher and 3 100 yard receivers against a pretty good Browns defense.
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Lmao if you really think the ravens are shutting out the steelers.

In his past five games in Baltimore, Roethlisberger has thrown five touchdowns and six interceptions for a 70.6 passer rating

Flacco is 83.6. Both teams played close games last week but their is little doubt that Cincinnati is much better then Cleveland.


Also, The vaunted Steelers D gave up 183 yds rushing 100 of which from a rookie rb in Cleveland not to mention against a QB that performed down to a QBR 45.6 rating and "STILL" almost lost.


Baltimore wins going away...



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