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Smith- 5 years $8 mil per


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And I would agree with that. The question is what kind of offense will the run. If they cater to his abilities he will be fine. If you want him to grow then you are screwed. The 9ers are on the way to be a hole again.



They will use him just as they used Crabtree, and they play Seattle & the Rams twice each year. Even with all Seatle lost on defense, they can still cover him easily. So that is four games per year he will likely be shut out....

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I don't think we will sign Crabtree. He is coming off of a rookie deal so we would lose a potential compensatory pick from Torrey and McPhee's big deals. I would love lesser receivers such as Cecil Shorts or D. Moore. However, same as above both guys are coming off of rookie deals so they are unlikely.


Dwayne Bowe, Percy Harvin, Andre Johnson (if he hasn't signed with the Colts) or Stevie Johnson are more likely targets.

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Was Stevie with the Bills?

Johnson was with the Niners last season after being with the Bills.


I don't think Bowe would be. I have zero belief in him.

What makes you have belief in Johnson? I don't have an opinion just curious. I think all the guys on my list offer potential being they played in bad offenses with subpar QB play.

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Basically I think he couldbe had for $1.5 per and pull in 30 balls for about 380 yds. That is more than solid production for the cap hit.

You could get that production out of Marlon Brown or Camp. None of the guys out there really inspire confidence.

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