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Oh it'll be 47 to 17 donkeys



The Broncos will have several young players, including rookies Ty Sambrailo and Max Garcia, in key roles on their offensive line.......two defensive starters who are suspended to open the season -- defensive end Derek Wolfe and safety T.J. Ward...

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Taking the donkeys -5, pay pay is too fresh, and we have done nothing to improve our secondary.


Broncos in a *** I'm stupid for thinking this game is easy ***


Hard to argue with Crav and his logic. Opening at Denver for its home opener and with warm weather for Manning makes this a very tough draw for the good guys. Plus we've still got a lot of question marks and holes to fill. It may take us a few weeks to get our feet underneath us.

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I have serious worries about our receivers getting open against the Broncos secondary, and our secondary covering the Broncos elite receiving corp. However, I am not sold on Manning being able to hurt us downfield.


I have a feeling we'll know right away whether or not we will win the game. We either have success running the ball and throwing play-action in tight-end heavy sets, or the Broncos score a couple of quick TDs and we are forced to play catch up with an unproven receiving corp.

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The only thing that concerns me with Denver is their rushing attack. It's been great this preseason and we know the wonders Kubiak can do there. Get that going and Manning has a shot at being effective.

i also have a minor concern that the secondary smoke from the stands may affect the Ravens players.

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This is where HARBs is at his best. With the world picking vs him because of the secondary which still has

Jimmy out, he'll hit them hard for the win and on the road with Trestman's offense scoring 34 points and the

D hanging on by a thread. I say that because the Ravens showed nothing on defense or offense over the summer

while saving it for the real deal.

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Wow, quite impressive to keep Manning out of the end zone; just wow. Especially when the offense could do nothing. To come up big with a field goal stop after an 11 minute drive!


This defense, the secondary, is far better than I thought, if they can stay healthy.


This offense is not as bad as it looked, not many teams have two edge rushers like the Broncos. Still boggles my mind why they would not chip, and only slid help over, a guard, later in the game. Even then, because of the wide sweep of the edge rushers, the gaurds were no help....



A 6 pt loss, almost a win, Smith's drop, Gilmore almost had that one, Joe ruushed it, who could blame him, he ws going there before the ball was snapped. The play was to the right side, one on one with Aiken, who had the height advantage....


I honestly feel better about this team after this loss, even if Suggs is lost for a long time....

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