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the ravens



gonna get their asses kicked this sunday



heard it here first



hey ol fogey!!!!!!!


KISS MY GRITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1...2...Roethlisburger's coming for you...3...4...Better blitz for sure...5...6... Yinz about to be knocked out of the division/playoff race...7...8...The 2016 Ravens are about as overrated as Ricki Lake!


But in all honesty, I hope Smith SR plays and West has a great game and the run attack isn't abandoned. I have both on my FF.





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yeah cravn

that shit has got to stop lol

i still believe it's the best rivalry in the nfl


i know today will prove it once again


no injuries




no cheap shots beaches lol

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let's try this again


THIS SHIT HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


just like my buddy Crav and his 14-2 prediction

i'm riding with it



I miss you Cravn


you know you are still welcome over at the Steelerfans and drop some of your golden smack talk nuggets there to


i miss the days of you and Dare going at it

cry laughing i was many times

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I called him a racist bc he said racist things. I have disagreed with damn near everyone on this board and not said it about them.


Just to set the record straight, I'm far from a racist just because I like Trump and you don't, doesn't make me a racist. I'm totally against anyone that disrespects the country, and what the Ravens displayed in england totally disgusted me. I stopped following g the NFL since that day.


The only reason I'm around is because of my grandson, he's a huge Ravens fan and I need to put aside my beliefs for him. We lost our daughter 4 weeks ago, and are now raising our grandson in Florida. I'll support him whatever decision he makes, he is a Ravens fan so I guess I'm back, just more somber.

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