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Sunday could get real ugly


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Traditionally, Steelers fans have made the four-hour drive from western Pennsylvania to buy between 3,000 and 5,000 tickets at Baltimore's 71,008-seat stadium.

But the combination of the Ravens' downward spiral and the Steelers' hot streak could translate to the best showing by Pittsburgh fans since 2007, which was the last time Baltimore played host to Pittsburgh after being eliminated from the postseason. Nearly half of the announced crowd of 71,353 waved bright yellow Terrible Towels that night eight years ago.

It will be a similar setting for Sunday's game, which was moved out of prime time because it was no longer considered a marquee matchup. The Ravens have lost their last two games by a total of 49 points, and their injury-depleted lineup resembles a preseason one. The Steelers (9-5) have won five of their six games and have a chance to clinch a playoff berth Sunday.

Baltimore is a 9.5-point underdog, which could spur even the most loyal Ravens fans to sell their tickets to fans of their most dreaded rivals. There's extra incentive for western Pennsylvania sports fans to come to town next weekend because Pitt plays Navy in the Military Bowl in Annapolis, Maryland, one day after the Steelers-Ravens game.http://espn.go.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/24663/will-baltimores-mt-bank-stadium-turn-into-heinz-field-east-on-sunday


The Steeler bandwagon that has been hiding out, probably are bold enough to show themselves now.


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And don't forget those Baltimore is Pittsburgh territory signs.


Haven't seen them in a while.


I'll be watching. The series hasn't been as much a stress as the old days

when my doctor wouldn't let me watch. I might have had a heart attack

but I will on Sunday.


Last year we got them 2 of 3 games including the most important one up there

for the wild card game. First win ever up there in POs for Ravens.

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I don't want to see anybody on the roster next year who doesn't play well in this game.

I will sit with my Ravens program roster card and cross out the faces of those who can't execute and compete.


I will also accidentally spill my drink on at least 1 Steeler fan.

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Ditto on the commercials but I'm usually at a bar and guys turn to their drinking and

talk, not that they ever left their drinking, they're just not paying attention to the TV

and just drink and talk which is usually better than the game.


I'm thankful for this thread because I might skip this game. Don't think I can take all

that yellow in there. It will be ugly and I can't stand those smiles from those inbreds.

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