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He's a solid player who can push the pocket but he does make stupid, costly penalties. I think he'll do well for the Eagles.


The Ravens can't afford to keep him so they might as well get something. This now gives them 4 of the first 78 picks...not too shabby. They have plenty of depth with Pierce, Davis and Henry to replace him. Watch Henry...they hid him because he's so good. So...they won't miss Jernigan.

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If that was the best trade deal, yay! If they could have gotten rid of him for a 4th without trading picks, then it is a bad deal...


With that said, it only matters if who they draft with now a higher pick in the 3rd, turns out to be a solid player... If he turns out to be another Jernigan type player or worse... Oy.

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I'm not so sure I like this trade. Yes, Jernigan made alot of bone headed penalties, but trading up some 25 places in the 3rd. round, just doesn't seem adequate, even if we were going to lose him next year anyway. He started 15 games last year and was a pretty good tackle. Personally, I didn't like the guy, but he could play football. I have the gut feeling that he might not have been that good locker room material.

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It all depends on what Oz drafts....Hes got a good track record of Tackles, and linebackers. So I don't mind trading Jerrigan to move up a bunch of spots and get a true 3rd round pick.


First 4 picks:


1) WR

2) CB


4) RT


They don't have to be in that order. We need a possession receiver badly so I'm hoping for Mike Williams.

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