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Going to be a fun season

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We saw some ugly football.

Now that's nothing new to Ravens fans, but the Ravens made the Jets look real ugly. They were primed to kill and they got beat up instead. 38 minutes of possesion does that.


I saw something else that really excites me.


Joe can't lose.

Not with Boldin, Mason, TJ and Heap to throw too.




Savy, smart, precise, great hands...way too many very solid weapons for any NFL defense to handle.


"Hey! Pass Interference on this rookie!"




Tonight he faced the best passing D in the NFL and had success.


This is going to be a fun season.


And the D!


Granted the Jets offense is not like some of the offenses comming up ...but the D really showed up. Their backs were against the wall due to turnovers and poor field position and they did not break.



1-0...15 to go.

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very ugly...BUT....in the past we (Rex's team) would have lost due to stupid penalties. My how the tides have turned :)



Played the #1 defense, so we need to expect a turnover...too many for my heart to take, but what is their strength is their weakness. we played solid disciplined football...so proud of Joe hanging in there. And despite the low points, we gave the D a ton of time to rest. The possibilities on offense are mind numbing! Those two catches Q made just had my jaw to the ground. Housh will help us by drwaing PI calls....And our run game will be better.


Can't wait! No injuries tonight which is a God send!

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Guest BallTMore



Cincinnati will be another tough test, and unlike Sanchez, Carson will test the secondary, but I have confidence that our offense will be much tougher for the Bengals defense to handle this year. No more cover Mason and you stop the passing attack.


Can't wait!


Also, I'm so glad Mattison didn't go Prevent during the last series, something Rex used to do a lot, which would piss me off. The old man kept the heat on! Loved it.

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All in all I didn't think Joe looked very good tonight. He and Boldin seemed to connect for a bit but I thought he floated some passes, through some bad passes, through some off his back foot and just wasn't very sharp. Luckily on some of the passes the Jets helped with holding or interfering. Some of this I do attribute to lack of time.


Oddly enough his best pass may have been the one Heap dropped.


No worries from me though. Its a road win against a tough team with a good defense. I have to give the Jets credit for disrupting him.

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It may have been ugly at times but despite a couple of miscues and turnovers Joe still managed to put up 248 yards against a D that averaged only 153 through the air last season. The Jets have 3 first round picks in their secondary and still couldn't stop Flacco and it wasn't like Flacco had all day to throw either.


If we can get Gaither back into some sort of playing shape and get the O-Line pieces gelled together then this is going to be one hell of an offense and the defense still looks top 5.

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Are you insane? That wasn't fun! If that is what this season is going to look like, I might as well check into the hospital now. But not before digging out my eyeballs with a spoon.




Love you Dee!!!!

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