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Super Bowl Window is Closed.

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It's Twilight Time.....37061_f520.jpg




Pittsburgh Steelers

FO Projection: 13-3, SOS 27th

Be wary of any team whose success weighs heavily on the shoulders of a running back.

With Le'Veon Bell performing at top levels last season, the Steelers won eight games in a row from Week 11 to a division round playoff win over the Chiefs. (Bell sat out a meaningless Week 17 game, as did many of Pittsburgh's starters.) Bell averaged over 180 yards from scrimmage during that time and was dominant in the playoffs -- until a groin injury sidelined him early in the AFC championship game against the Patriots, a game which the Steelers ended up losing by 19 points.

Bell has already had offseason surgery with no timetable set for his return, and he has been given the franchise tag, which could make him even more cautious next season if he doesn't get a long-term deal. But that doesn't just fall on Bell's shoulders, because I believe that Pittsburgh is just too fragile in general. If one of their big three players goes down -- Bell, Ben Roethlisberger or Antonio Brown -- the rest of the house of cards goes with them. Roethlisberger has to be an even bigger concern, as the 35-year-old is not a stranger to getting hurt and impending retirement has been a topic of discussion all offseason for him.

On defense, Pittsburgh is either old, inexperienced or average. Who is the star on that side of the ball that carries the Steelers? Ryan Shazier? James Harrison? T.J. Watt? No Steelers player had more than five sacks or more than three interceptions, and they'll also have to replace Lawrence Timmons, a leader on that side of the ball for the past 10 seasons. Can Pittsburgh win 13 games? Yes. But it looks more like a 10-win team that may have lost ground to the Ravens.......http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/underrated-and-overrated-nfl-teams/ar-BBBcZdm?li=BBnba9I#page=3


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I'm happy i get my $18 more a week starting ??????? only god knows when

now i can go to CHIK FIL A

ON A FUCKING SUNDAY????? Thats how you get paid more by working on a day they weren't but now are OPEN!!!



I will enjoy the 18$ on my 1$ bet the STEELERS win the super bowl!!!!


Thanks OBAMA


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So about the original post. Howd that turn out? TJ Watt looks great. Hilton is a stunner. Heyward is an all pro. Williams has the most sacks of an off the line player in the NFL. Burns is a very good man corner. Still have Haden for 2 more years. Sean Davis is young and getting better. Oh and they finished with the most sacks in the league. The only old guy out there is Gay and with Sutton, and Allen on the roster he will be gone next year.


Now onto the offense. After a slow start Ben has shown he is still Ben and can still play at a very high level. Brown missed 3 games and still led the league in receiving yards and I believe if you combine the top 2 Ravens WRs they dont match his yards. JuJu is legit and theres no question about that. Kinda funny how the Steelers dont miss on WRs. Best line in the league which yeah going to lose Foster but Finney may actually be better. Sure sounds like a team that depends on their RB. Speaking of he will at least be back for next year. So no the Ravens havent made up ground. In fact they may have fallen even farther behind because the Steelers hit several home runs in the draft and UDFAs the last 2 years.

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Wonder if Big Ben can if he could retire if he did go to the SB and win. But that they would have to get passed New England of course.

Yeah NE..........lol. I think as long as Ben has these weapons and this line he will play another couple of years. He was the least sacked QB this year so hopefully he comes back as I dont have any faith in Jones beyond holding a clipboard.

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They have to draft Ben's replacement this yr.

Oh yeah fully agree. Unless Dobbs is showing something in practice which I doubt. He has a Steelers long time back up QB written all over him. Not the best but incredibly smart. The Shazier injury really hurts the chances of the Steelers getting their guy this year though. Before his injury they had all their starters returning or a guy ready to take over and that is gone now. It would have been the perfect time though. So unless they get one in FA or are 100% Shazier is returning I think they are going ILB in the first. If I was Shazier I would never think about playing football again.
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