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Texans Game

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Its on to the Texans and arguably our toughest game left on the schedule.  The Texans and DeShaun are the real deal and coming off a bye.   

Anyway, this is a huge challenge, test for us, even at home. 

Barring some bad turnovers - pick 6 or fumble scoop TD - I see this game coming down to the last possession.

Should be an awesome, epic game- one where we need our A game to win.  Anything less, we drop to 6-3. 

We need this game.... and bad...... to get to 7-2 ! 



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Both teams equally matched, similar offenses, defenses the same. No Watt on their defense, but arguably the best wide receiver duo in the league with an extremely mobile, accurate passer in the pocket.

Speaking of pockets, while their line has done better , they are still the weakest link on their team. Rush lanes are going to be paramount, teams have been pushing the Ravens rush defensers to the side to clump them, rather than hold them off.


The result is less sacks and more openings for the qb to throw & or run. The two additions, Peko and Willis should help with run stopping but maybe also help give the pass rushers a rest so that they can then come in and T-off... They have given up 25 sacks this year.

This game would make up for the blow out loss to the Browns at home.

Their defense will be ready, 19th in the league,  this should be an interesting game...

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Gonna be tough. Watson gives the Houston offense a weapon the Ravens defense has not seen before. He's much like Lamar. Lamar has more moves and a bit more overall talent than DeShaun especially in leadership. Watson is a mobile pocket passer. Not as many runs but has the stats to infer he is the better passer. Lamar is more explosive and is the better leader. They are very close in ability but Houston has the better defense. I'm leaning towards Houston at this point because of that but could easily change my mind.

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Close game indeed.  If, and its a huge if, both teams bring their A games, its a shootout and W goes to the last GW drive.

If one team doesn't show up or turns it over, all bets are off.  Otherwise, its a slobberknocker and one for the ages.

Cant wait !  


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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTkclFsFbnNhatZ20HGDUD I'm just getting to this game. I need to do some research first....


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Insiders predict: Baltimore Ravens

- Favored to win: Baltimore Ravens
- Spread: -4
- Odds: -210

- Houston Texans team stats:
- Offense: 396.7 yards per game (#4 in the league)
--- Passing offense: 253.9 ypg (#12)
--- Rushing offense: 142.8 ypg (#4)
- Defense: 361.4 yards per game (#19 in the league)
--- Passing defense: 277.3 ypg (#29)
--- Rushing defense: 84.1 ypg (#3)

- Baltimore Ravens team stats:
- Offense: 421.7 yards per game (#2 in the league)
--- Passing offense: 224.4 ypg (#20)
--- Rushing offense: 197.2 ypg (#1)
- Defense: 344.1 yards per game (#14 in the league)
--- Passing defense: 252.9 ypg (#20)
--- Rushing defense: 91.2 ypg (#8)

Huge Playoff implications for both teams so both should be chomping at the bit.
Looking at stats only, I don't see a high scoring game because each team is playing strength vs strength. I think teams are going to do everything they can to keeps the Ravens O off the field so it can't get in rhythm, up and running.
Lamar and DeShaun have almost identical stats. Lamar has 1 more rushing TD so that tells you how much of a threat DeShaun is with his feet, but DeShaun has done that on half the rushing attempts. Basically the same QB rating.
I see war.
This is not the Bengals but for the Ravens to win, Lamar has to play just as sharp as he did. It will not be as easy to march up and down the field. The Texans also have the luxury of coming off a bye week. Plenty of time to heal and prepare.
It's Thursday. I'm worried.

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On 11/14/2019 at 10:34 PM, Spen said:

I'm still studying some charts and graphs......

Hehee! It is kind of useless isn't it?

But it's fun.

I don't think it will be as high a scoring game as I see in many predictions.

Lamar needs to continue going up on his game after game his growth chart and the Ravens D must stop the run for a win....and stop Watson from running.

I like this prediction....



TV: CBS  LINE: Baltimore -4.5

What you need to know: The Texans, coming off a bye, will face their stiffest test against Baltimore, which dominated woeful Cincinnati in Week 10. Houston’s maligned pass defense was good in Week 9 against the Jacksonville Jaguars; the Ravens are a much more difficult challenge. The Texans haven’t allowed 100 or more yards rushing since Week 2; if they somehow continue that streak, they’ll almost certainly win.

Baltimore didn’t suffer a letdown after its big win over New England. Lamar Jackson tortured Cincinnati’s defense, posting a perfect passer rating and running for a highlight-reel touchdown. Houston is a major step up in competition, but the way Jackson is going, it might not matter. Though, it would be in the Ravens’ best interest to get running back Mark Ingram more involved early in this one.

On the spot:

Texans S Justin Reid. Jackson’s skill set tests safeties and linebackers in particular, and the Ravens’ fondness for throwing to tight ends is also a challenge. Among 40 safeties with at least 500 snaps this season, Reid ranks 17th in overall defensive grade according to Pro Football Focus.

Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey: He figures to see plenty of wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins in this game, and his ability to win that one-on-one matchup will go a long way toward

determining the outcome.

The pick: Ravens 30 Texans 23





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I know what has me unsettled and nervous about this game.

It has taken a week of soul searching, but I was able to do this thanks to Dee. You see...to be a moderator here, Dee and the ER BOD insist on you passing a series of courses in sensitivity training. One of them is 'Connecting with your Inner Child.'

So....finally....This morning I was able to connect with my inner child. Inner child has fears! So I ask the little juvenile delinquent, "What has you so worried?"

He replied, "There is a lot at stake you moron. The Ravens have an opportunity to open up a lead for the second seed in the AFC. When's the last time you ever felt any breathing room as a Ravens fan!? Ravens go up to 8-2. Texans down to 6-4 or Ravens 7-3 and Texans 7-3. Chance to bury the Browns and Steelers! You're afraid of losing you stupid loser Dumby!"

Does your inner child talk to you like that....fucking brat.




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The tea leaves have revealed things to me, at least I think they are tea leaves. 

24 - 20 Baltimore over Republic Of Texas

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Remember, shutouts are hard to do in the NFL, so the Texans will likely score. Two fun qbs to watch, so just breathe, don't get Moody and we won't get Blue...
Breathe deep the gathering gloom
Watch lights fade from every room
Bedsitter people look back and lament
Another day's useless energy is spent
Impassioned lovers wrestle as one;
Lonely man cries for love and has none
New mother picks up and suckles her son
Senior citizens wish they were young
Cold-hearted orb that rules the night
Removes the colours from our sight
Red is grey is yellow white
But we decide which is right
And which is an illusion

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Humphrey has become the new Jimmy Penalty Smith... How on earth yoou can't stay with a receiver when you know he is on a deep crossing route....

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