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Come on Lamar! :gorave:


Jackson is going to have to figure out a way to win left-handed, as Tannenbaum put it. Every defense's focus is to take away what he does best.

Teams are going to try to keep him in the pocket. They're going to try to make him throw the ball downfield to his left, which is the hardest pass for any quarterback to make. They're going to overload blitz to his right. They're going to set the edge to his left to try to push the pocket.

"There’s always times, especially early in guys' careers, where they have to prove that they can do everything their team needs them to do, no matter what the situation. That’s where Lamar is," said Kurt Warner, a former NFL MVP and current NFL Network analyst. "I don’t think he has to prove he can play in this business. I think the next step for him to prove is that, OK, when somebody takes away his strengths, can he beat them in those other areas of the game? That’s what we’ve seen in the playoffs the last couple of years. Teams have been able to stymie what they do really, really well and force it more into Lamar’s hands to drop back and throw the football. He hasn’t been quite as successful."

Here's his next step....starting Sunday...


This season, 10 of Jackson's 16 games are against defenses that already have faced him, including three of the four teams to have ever beaten him. As teams learn ways to limit his running, the best way for Jackson to stay one step ahead of everyone is to become more consistent with his arm.

"You are going to see an even more polished and an even more ready Lamar than you saw last year," tight end Mark Andrews said. "That almost sounds unbelievable, but the guy is incredible.".....https://www.espn.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/52956/bombs-bling-and-brady-whats-in-store-for-lamar-jacksons-mvp-encore

Browns weak points...........

Jedrick Will Jr....rookie LT who played RT in college. He's had no OTA's like everybody but switching postions without the reps will slow his development. He's bee getting beat in camp. I think Mayfield was one of the most sacked QB's last year and part of that was due to a weak blind side LT.

They have a ton of weapons on offense but it won't mean much if the O line remains porous. This is why they kept 5 TE's. They will run often.

Their secondary is banged up.

The Curse of Art Model.

Cleveland water.

New coaching staff

Ravens open as 8 point favorites.

And Just Remember: The Browns beat the Ravens 40-25 last September. They will face a different and improved Ravens D.



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More Browns information....



-Stefanski has been encouraged by the progress from WR Jarvis Landry (hip) and S Karl Joseph (foot). The two have been limited participants throughout team practices as they attempt to arrive in full health for Week 1.

It's too soon to tell what role Harrison might have at safety for Week 1, but Stefanski said the Browns will spend plenty of time helping him acclimate to the defense this week.

Full prep for Week 1 starts Monday, and after the completion of an arduous, unusual first offseason as head coach, Stefanski is ready to complete his game plan for the Ravens.

"You are always looking at that first game – first things first," he said. "We put a proper amount of emphasis on Baltimore, and we will really dig into their team and gameplan starting today and tomorrow with the players. This is a long season. Really to get this thing started, you have to set your sights on the first opponent, but there are games coming after that one and after that one and so on. We just have to make sure we play good football."

-The Browns did not have their offensive or defensive linemen practice Sunday in Berea. Stefanski said he wanted to "take care of the big guys" and limit their Sunday workload to just weight room activities before beginning Week 1 prep.........https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/kevin-stefanski-turns-full-focus-to-week-1-gameplan-as-browns-finalize-53-man-ro


The injury concerns continue for the Cleveland Browns secondary. While newcomer Ronnie Harrison took to the practice field for the first time on Sunday at safety, three of the team’s cornerbacks remain sidelined with injuries and did not participate.

Starting outside CB Greedy Williams continues to sit out with a shoulder injury. He has not practiced since hurting the shoulder in practice two weeks ago.

Both the cornerbacks penciled in for slot duty remain out as well. M.J. Stewart is idled with a hamstring injury suffered the same day Williams hurt his shoulder. Veteran Kevin Johnson continues to sit out with his lacerated liver.

Harrison, acquired in a trade with Jacksonville during the week, wore No. 37 in his Browns practice debut.............https://brownswire.usatoday.com/2020/09/06/greedy-williams-browns-injury-update-m-j-stewart-kevin-johnson/


“Browns coach Kevin Stefanski says Myles Garrett did a nice job in practice on Tuesday after discarding his wrist brace, adding that Garrett was ’no worse for the wear.’”

Garrett missed much of the team’s training camp which isn’t ideal after he was suspended for the final six games in 2019. Still, his presence on Wednesday was encouraging but so was the fact that he performed well according to the head coach.


When analyzing Cleveland’s matchups against the Ravens, you’ll find a tale of two games in 2019. In the first performance, Mayfield flashed his potential, throwing for 342 yards, a touchdown, and an interception in a 40-25 victory. And while this performance wasn’t an MVP-caliber game, it was good enough to keep a reminder in Baltimore’s head.

It’s Mayfield’s performance that will determine what kind of game we’ll see. Lamar Jackson can take over the ballgame whenever he wants, so he’ll be putting up numbers regardless. If Mayfield is able to ignite a few touchdown drives early in the game, this will quickly turn into an offensive shootout.

That being said, the Browns have found close to no success on the offensive side of the ball in recent memory. Down the stretch last year, Cleveland scores over 25 points in just one of their last eight games. This is an offense that won’t click overnight but has the pieces in place to be among the best.

Early in the season last year, Lamar Jackson got a “welcome to the NFL” moment. In Week 4, Baltimore was dismantled by the Cleveland Browns 40-25 in a game that shocked everybody. We would later discover that the Browns were the inferior team and confirm this when they lost the second game 31-15.

I believe that the Browns will bring the Ravens back down to earn to begin the season and start the year atop the AFC North. Whether or not this will last will come down to Browns first year head coach Kevin Stefanski. Whether or not the Ravens are a better team is out of the question, as they won’t know what to prepare for to start this coming season..The ESPN projection for the Browns’ record is that he finishes with just a 7-9 record, which isn’t enough to finish better than last in the AFC North. ......https://www.nflanalysis.net/5-bold-predictions-for-browns-vs-ravens-in-week-1-of-the-2020-nfl-season/6/


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I have to admit, that I have no passion for this season, this game. Maybe that will change as the game starts, as the season goes on, I don't know. Is it this pandemic, the fact we won't hear any, real, fans cheering, no bands playing, is it my age? Has the love for this game really gone out of me?

I hope the players can play with passion, take this game over and come out strong, have a great season. Frankly, who knows what the season will be, 4, 6, 12, 16 games + post season?

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While I admit my enthusiasm isn't as great as years past, (after all we weren't even sure they'd play until a month ago) I'm slowly getting revved up. Maybe a good victory by the Ravens this Sunday will continue the ignition. We'll see. Both teams are loaded with talent.

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I'm back. Fired up and loving it. :gorave:

The serious reality around all of us remains, so taking a football break here and there is just what my head needs. It's good to have something not serious and fun going on too.

This is the best Ravens roster we have ever had. Will that translate to wins and a SB? I don't know.  The excitement and anticipation to see how well they perform has my blood up. The competition for the North will be tight and fierce....and it all begins Sunday.

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3 hours ago, papasmurfbell said:

I can't invest since I have no faith in the season finishing.

It's not a waste for me if there are no crowned champions. Any football beats a blank.

Certainly I would be disappointed to know the Ravens had their best roster ever and I'll never know how good they could have been.

A 6-8 game season would be disappointing. However that's 6-8 games that I get to see and I'll take that. I love Ravens football. :gorave:

Another way that I look at this season with all the unknowns: they have to play one game and that sets up the possibility for a second game. One week at a time sets up the possibility that a full season actually happens. You have to try. You have to take that first step.



Cleveland Browns

Cornerback Greedy Williams (shoulder) missed practice yet again Wednesday and is beginning to seem doubtful for the opener. But center JC Tretter, who had his knee scoped before training camp, has returned this week as a limited practice participant, and is hoping to be ready to play in Baltimore. -- Jake Trotter


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20 minutes ago, GrubberRaven said:

It was a nice distraction to watch football last night...

I did find it ironic that they were in each other's faces yelling/celebrating, but not high fiving?

Yea...it was great to watch football. KC has picked up where they left off.

The crowd noise was good for 17,000. That changed the atmosphere. It will be weird to hear crickets in most stadiums.

The Ravens play the Texans next week and then KC so this was good "film study."

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I have a feeling that without the crowds there the kick return game will really open up. I expect multiple kickoff and punt returns for touchdowns for both teams. I will go 28 - 22 Ravens,

I really hope that at 1PM Sunday I care about the game. I think I will once its on, but so far no real excitement for it.

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this is going to be heavy....He was so amazingly wonderful!




Walking into the rows of purple seats at the Baltimore Ravens' stadium, a mother saw a sea of repeating cardboard faces.

Sonsy Gaba covered her masked face when she saw hundreds of images of her son, Mo, who was a Ravens superfan. The 14-year-old lost his battle with cancer in July.
Section 146 of M&T Bank Stadium is filled with 575 cutouts of Mo, the Ravens said in a statement. One other special cutout joined him: his mother, who had been by his side throughout it all.
"It's just hard to believe that my son left behind a legacy and just him being himself," Gaba said in a video posted online by the Ravens. "He did nothing out of the ordinary and what he did in 14 years of his life, like, I can't help but be proud of him.".............https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/11/us/baltimore-ravens-mo-gaba-section-trnd/index.html


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So a big win, solid all the way around, some concerns but given it was the first game, maybe it is nothing to worry about yet...

No real pass rush, even with a number of pressures and sacks, they were mostly on blitzes & or excellent coverage.

Stopping the run off of the edge, the defense's left edge, AGAIN, was still an issue from last year.

The coverage was great, no noticeable breaks in coverage, linebackers played very well, welcome to the NFL rookie! Glad to have you here Mr Queen....

Running game, sporadic, yes they got over 100 yards, barely, but were this a close game and needed to run clock, I am not sold they could have...

Receivers looked great, return teams as well, so nice to see quickness, speed, hands... Pay our next future Hall of Fame tightend now; wow he is fabulous.


All in all, as I said above, no preseason, pandemic, first game, bravo....

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1st game of the season with no pre season games....I'll take the Ravens win. They dominated.:gorave:  A Division win. 1-0 with a long season ahead.

On the Brownies..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.:zzz:......:nono:..........................:nono:

Little sloppy. I thought the Browns would put up more of a fight. They have all the offensive weapons and a scary roster on paper. On the field ???? A whopping 6 points.

That's really bad.

Stefanski's debut as a play caller??? Not too good. As a HC having his team ready??? Not too good. Nice fake punt BTW thankyouverymuch!:fishin:

Mayfield....not too good. I feel bad for the company that shelled out all that commercial money to see him covering seats in the stadium. Really....in a season where no fans will attend games?....why cover the seats if it rains???? Only the Browns.


On the Ravens:

Good day for the D surrendering only 6 points. Yet the gave up 138 yards rushing at 5.1 per attempt. They have to get better here and they will. Queen and Harrison will only get better. It was their first NFL game and Queen had very good numbers considering that. 8 tackles. 4 solo. 1 sack. 1 TFL. and 1 FF. Very good day.

Secondary had an excellent day. Good to see.

JK Dobbins! The future looks bright!:bow:

With Stanley out and Yanda retired it will take time for this O line to get close to where they were last year. It hurt the running game. 30 carries for 107 yards and 3.6 ypc.....:nono: But Hey! 2 rushing TD's for Dobbins!

Lamar was super. What can you say? That TD pass to Snead was a thing of beauty. He's making the reads, looking off the DB's. ....he's just in command. 3 TD's for the day. 152.1 passer rating. :gorave:

Oh! good return game for Duvernay and Proche. Keep an eye out for these 2. They are playmakers with good hands.

And in closing......

If you hear wailing and moaning it's coming from here....


and here....



dr-strangelove-peter-sellers.jpg?w=450 "... they were sent forth into the weeping and gnashing of teeth...."


My nomination for Brownie Fan Post of the Day:

Re: Gameday at Baltimore II [Re: tastybrownies]
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Originally Posted By: tastybrownies
We need to do something. We need to storm Berea.

There you go, you need to paint, FANS LIVES MATTER in the street in front of the stadium.




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