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On Sunday we'll find ourselves rooting for the Texans, Patriots, and the Giants. We got no help last week, so maybe this week our luck will change. Thursday night we're Chargers fans and on MNF "Go Bengals!" :fishin:

Another "Must Win" game for the Ravens...from here on out as everybody knows.

Ravens win probability is 87.6% but I'm not taking anything for granted. Look at how close they made some of their recent losses: 3 out of their last 5 losses are by 2-4 points. 2 points to the Brownies. They took the Vikings to OT. Ok...ok...they're 1-12...but they did beat the Colts when they didn't know their lot in life any better.

The stats are somewhat comforting:

Team Stats

jax.png&h=100&w=100 bal.png&h=100&w=100
Points Per Game 20.1 27.9
Points Allowed Per Game 29.5 21.0
Total Yards 352.7 355.7
Yards Passing 250.5 181.9
Yards Rushing 102.2 173.8
Yards Allowed 425.8 366.1
Pass Yards Allowed 280.2 252.5
Rush Yards Allowed 145.5 113.6

A little history....

Aug 8, 2019
  • Associated Press

BALTIMORE -- There might come a time when Lamar Jackson will have earned the right to sit out the preseason opener and watch the backups try to earn a job in the NFL.

For now, the 2016 Heisman Trophy winner needs the work.

Jackson directed two scoring drives in three possessions and the Baltimore Ravens' defense throttled Jacksonville Jaguars backup quarterback Gardner Minshew in a 29-0 preseason victory Thursday night...

the Jaguars gave up four sacks and completed only 10 passes.

"Gardner was hit a lot. We didn't do a lot of things up front. That's a concern," Marrone said.OIP.Syl8DjPwnaR52yfSz8ilYQHaE8?w=261&h=1

Minshew was mercifully lifted after going 7 for 14 for 46 yards.

..Jaguars vs. Ravens - Game Recap - August 8, 2019 - ESPN


The Jags are making all kinds of history. The wrong kind. Like 5 different kickers in the last 5 games. 6 for the season...OIP.sqs2R4kcQb4nYpdldFsG9QHaFj?w=201&h=1

OIP.SPigRis6XVlmjZ2hmZgJGwHaDt?w=328&h=1The Jags will start Minshew in hopes to end their 12 game losing streak. OIP.ky4ICGI4xt2fQMpWbrE8WQHaHh?w=171&h=1...OIP.oUR43Gm4MAp7hf8iLSLEFAHaGO?w=215&h=1..Marrones vote of confidence:


"I don't think you're ever going to say, 'Well, we'll put him out there and I have my fingers crossed,''' Marrone said. :wacko:


Based on Sunday, it's Minshew. The Jaguars had just five first downs and 99 yards of total offense in Glennon's seven drives, the last of which ended with an interception while trying to hit receiver DJ Chark deep in the middle of the field. The Jaguars had 15 first downs and 255 yards with Minshew, though the Titans were playing soft coverages with a 21-point lead...The Jaguars had decided to give Minshew the 2020 season to prove he could be the long-term starter, and while he threw 13 touchdown passes to five interceptions in the seven games in which he played, he hasn't significantly improved on the issues that plagued him as a rookie last season: comfort in the pocket, arm strength, finding open receivers and working the middle of the field...Jacksonville Jaguars bench Mike Glennon for Gardner Minshew; starter to be determined (espn.com)

A scene we'd like to see...OIP.2xcXzn-RK1_QQx0YX3dBmgHaEK?w=323&h=1

Jacksonville gives up the most yards per game and they are near the bottom in rush yards allowed and points allowed. (see above chart.)

Perhaps Marrone will experience the same enjoyment Sunday:


Marrone on the Ravens' dramatic 47-42 victory over the Cleveland Browns Monday: "I look at the games, obviously, differently [than many fans]. [But] I really felt on the edge of my seat. It was exciting. It was drama. It was almost like a perfect script to an unbelievable game. I just took a step back in that moment and just really appreciated it like a fan and really enjoyed the game.".......Kicking Off Week 15: Full confidence (jaguars.com)

I guess he's not that bad of a guy.

And Just Remember ER Posters: OIP.H_f91G3VTVK7uI93VQlSWAHaEK?w=298&h=1........OIP.qSHBzPU3u4FdaYgM6YUcjAHaHa?w=174&h=1...OIP.ho7DaS0WJgxzDEgXzP2KiAHaIF?w=171&h=1

Nostalgia Time!

I will never forget this game.........


The Significance?

9/10/2000. Second game of that memorable season after an opening day win against the Steelers.:gorave: It was the first time the Ravens defeated the Jaguars. Brunell and Company had our number. Remember, they got their franchise before Baltimore did and Baltimore's bid was way better...Tagliaboo.....:nono:....Blame him Cleveland for your loss. We tried playing by the rules.

Anyway, it was great to have football back, yet until then, wins were scarce as was fan involvement.  There was a new generation of fans and losing games for 4 straight years put them to sleep. Silent fans in general. Not like the Memorial Stadium days. Not like the fans that created The Worlds Largest Outdoor Insane Asylum. OIP.734iMW8WDblFRmVEAT28bAHaFf?pid=Api&r They were younger crowd. Don't get me wrong, they were good people, Baltimoreans,  but football had been gone so long they didn't know to yell when the D was on the field.......they were being labeled "the wine and cheese crowd...and...well...it all changed 9/10/2000.

Jimmy Smith and Brunell were killing the Ravens, yet on that day Tony Banks threw for 5 TD's, with none more important then this TD pass to Shannon Sharpe in the endzone with 1:04 remaining to take a 39-36 lead and win the game. 

Fan energy had been building all game and now.......Eruption! Pandemonium! They all jumped out of their seats. Hugging! High Five' in.

The crowd went wild. They chanted and screamed "RAVENS"... down the exit ramps, across the parking lots. We danced and strutted on Russell street as a small group of local kids played "When the Saints Go Marching In."

The high energy, enthusiasm and togetherness that was missing was back. And has never left.

And now, I'm happy once again, because I'm with my kind of people...crazy people! :gorave:..512x.jpg



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Patriots have a 51.7% winning percentage over the Dolphins. Browns at 58.1% over the Giants.

I know these winning percent numbers drive some people crazy: I have fun watching them flip back and forth during a game. Because it's football and anything can happen and does, they almost become an emotional indicator during a game. "At the half the Ravens are up by 14 over the Browns! 82.5% chance! Oh wait! Comeback! Browns up by 1 point...6 minutes left! Ravens 47.3%%....oh shit!....you get the drift. Somewhere in there my nerves went south. :fishin:

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Dang! The Ravens only have 1 CB for Sunday.


The Ravens won't have cornerback Jimmy Smith, but they could have Marcus Peters when they face the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium. 

Peters went to the turf with a calf injury in Cleveland but returned to the game not long after. He didn't practice all week, but has only missed three games in his six-year career.

The Ravens have five cornerbacks on the injury report overall. Beyond Smith and Peters, Anthony Averett (ankle), Davontae Harris (ankle) and Tramon Williams (thigh) are also questionable. It they aren't able to suit up, it will test Baltimore's cornerback depth. Baltimore could activate cornerback Terrell Bonds to the 53-man roster after he returned to practice this week following a knee injury. If healthy, Averett could also suit up after being inactive last week. He was added to the injury report Friday and did not practice.

Head Coach John Harbaugh said Friday that all three wide receivers on the Reserve/COVID-19 list – Marquise Brown, Miles Boykin and James Proche II – are "on track" to play in Sunday's game. After being identified as "high-risk" close contacts, they have tested negative throughout the week and can return to the field if that continues.

Levine, defensive end Calais Campbell (calf), defensive tackle Broderick Washington (concussion), tight end Luke Willson (hip) and defensive end Derek Wolfe (neck/back) are also questionable.....Who’s Playing, Who’s Not vs. Jaguars (baltimoreravens.com)

This is crazy. Basically we're back to Pop Warner football.  "Hey you! Grab a helmet and get out there!"...OIP.kFHeCpvl55W-FGQ3oVSRygHaFj?w=242&h=1

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