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Super Bowl Thread


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Last game of the year! images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTBoVA7blkTte-TQ5pVm8Y


ESPN's Football Power Index: Chiefs, 52.1% (by 0.7 points). They are calling this tight. Almost a toss up.

Tickets as low as $4,932! :thumbup:


Team Stats

kc.png&h=100&w=100 tb.png&h=100&w=100
Points Per Game 29.6 30.8
Points Allowed Per Game 20.5 23.0
Total Yards 425.3 393.4
Yards Passing 312.8 298.5
Yards Rushing 112.4 94.9
Yards Allowed 366.0 366.3
Pass Yards Allowed 245.5 280.7
Rush Yards Allowed 120.5 85.7



Brady vs Mahomes. tJEAimOQZ8zJeg&w=291&h=180&c=7&o=5&pid=1 Who shines? Will Brady through the costly pick? He's thrown 12 this year...3 in the Championship 2 weeks ago. Both have a ton of offensive weapons.

Which D will do the best?


Do you see a high scoring game? Over/Under 56.5

Who do you pick to win?

Who are you pulling for?

Him? OIP.scDX0X0qn1m3rZc_KTI4YwHaEK?w=291&h=1

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I really think the Chiefs are the better team but I would not go against Brady. If the game is close in the 4th would you? Lots of offensive weapons on the field so it should be a shootout. Which of course means it will probably be a 10-6 game.

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For some odd inexplicable reason, I don't think that either Brady or Mahomes will be lights out hot. Both will be a little off. Off enough for this to be a close game. Mahomes only has 4 TD passes in the post season yet a very good 90.1 QBR. Brady 79.1. Completion percentage? Mahomes a whopping 73.5%. Brady 55%. I feel that Tom is running out of stream. After saying that, you can be sure he ends up the SB MVP. ohM8u5LRcf8NDBDOk7r3kzFNcrx23MB0y9ek=

I'm trying to get excited about this game and nobody here is helping! :fishin:

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Interesting game for sure, Brady has thrown 3 picks in the last game, most certainly should have been 4 if the GB defender had hands.

Mahomes has a make shift line, but has quick & speedy players to offset the pressure.

I'll watch the first half, been a long while, the Ravens last super bowl, since I fore went sleep to watch a game. The commercials, the crappy long half time show, are just too much to take my interest from this game.

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Do we follow the herd?

From ESPN:

Of 107 experts who weighed in, the Chiefs were favored by 80 of them (74.8%), while the Buccaneers claimed 27 votes (25.2%).

Aaron Schatz, Football Outsiders: 34-31
Adam Teicher, Chiefs reporter: 30-20
Ben Baby, Bengals reporter: 31-17
Bill Barnwell, NFL writer: 31-24
Brady Henderson, Seahawks reporter: 26-21
Brooke Pryor, Steelers reporter: 38-35
Cameron Wolfe, Dolphins reporter: 31-27
Chris Berman, NFL studio host: 30-20
Courtney Cronin, Vikings reporter: 33-28
Damien Woody, NFL analyst: 34-27
Dan Orlovsky, NFL analyst: 30-27
David Fleming, NFL writer: 48-24
David Newton, Panthers reporter: 31-23
Domonique Foxworth, NFL analyst: 38-31
Doug Kezirian, ESPN Chalk: 28-24
Ed Werder, NFL reporter: 34-24
Elizabeth Merrill, NFL writer: 31-30
Emmett Golden, ESPN radio: 41-37
Field Yates, NFL analyst: 34-26
Freddie Coleman, ESPN radio: 38-30
Greg Cosell, NFL analyst: 34-27
Hannah Storm, SportsCenter anchor: 31-24
Ian Fitzsimmons, ESPN radio: 31-24
Jake Trotter, Browns reporter: 31-28
Jamison Hensley, Ravens reporter: 34-20
Jason Fitz, ESPN radio: 41-28
Jason Reid, The Undefeated: 34-21
Jay Williams, ESPN radio: 34-21
Jeff Dickerson, Bears reporter: 30-26
Jeremy Fowler, NFL writer/reporter: 27-24
Joe Fortenbaugh, ESPN radio: 30-24
Jordan Raanan, Giants reporter: 33-32
Kary Correa, ESPN Deportes: 27-24
Kenny Mayne, SportsCenter anchor: 35-28
Kevin Negandhi, SportsCenter anchor: 41-37
Kevin Seifert, NFL writer/reporter: 37-34
Kevin Van Valkenburg, NFL writer: 41-24
Keyshawn Johnson, NFL analyst: 42-27
Kimberley A. Martin, NFL reporter: 31-28
Laura Rutledge, NFL Live host: 35-31
Lindsey Thiry, Rams reporter: 31-28
Marcus Spears, NFL analyst: 31-24
Martenzie Johnson, The Undefeated: 34-27
Matt Bowen, NFL analyst: 31-23
Matt Hasselbeck, NFL analyst: 33-30
Matt Jones, ESPN radio: 38-28
Matthew Berry, fantasy writer: 30-24
Max Kellerman, First Take: 31-27
Michael Eaves, SportsCenter anchor: 42-30
Michael Rothstein, Lions reporter: 38-27
Mike Golic Jr., ESPN radio: 31-27
Mike Greenberg, Get Up! host: 30-27
Mike Tannenbaum, NFL analyst: 31-27
Mike Triplett, Saints reporter: 30-26
Mike Wells, Colts reporter: 34-24
Mina Kimes, NFL analyst: 31-27
Myron Medcalf, writer: 31-21
Nick Wagoner, 49ers reporter: 34-23
Nicole Briscoe, SportsCenter anchor: 35-32
Paul Gutierrez, Raiders reporter: 34-31
Peter Burns, ESPN studio host: 31-17
Rebeca Landa, ESPN Deportes: 31-27
Rex Ryan, NFL analyst: 28-21
Rob Demovsky, Packers reporter: 31-30
Ryan Clark, NFL analyst: 34-30
Ryan McGee, writer: 34-27
Sarah Barshop, Texans reporter: 34-24
Sarah Spain, ESPNW: 30-24
Sebastian Martinez-Christensen, ESPN Deportes: 27-23
Seth Walder, analytics writer: 34-21
Shae Cornette, ESPN radio: 31-21
Shelley Smith, Chargers reporter: 27-14
Stephania Bell, fantasy analyst: 35-27
Stephen A. Smith, First Take: 38-34
Suzy Kolber, NFL studio host: 28-27
Tim Hasselbeck, NFL analyst: 21-17
Tim Keown, NFL writer: 35-24
Todd Archer, Cowboys reporter: 31-27
Todd McShay, NFL draft analyst: 30-26
Zubin Mehenti, ESPN radio: 31-24

Super Bowl score predictions - ESPN experts pick Chiefs-Buccaneers, MVP of the game

MV5BYjcwNjc4N2QtZmUwOS00NzM1LWIzNmMtZTJi "I see an upset. Bucs win. They do the least "Finding ways to lose". Now, if the Chiefs open up an early lead, then Brady will botch coming back. He will find ways to lose. How's that for waffling!?"

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MV5BNTFiN2ZkMWItZmQ5OS00ZDk1LTg0MmUtNzhk  "Let's call in the Real Football Experts. The ER BOD. The Infallible Ones.

In a rare appearance, they will tell you what will happen should you get distracted during the game. "images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSLFGbfhqY7rHbXmcquhne

national-lampoons-animal-house-02-undesi "Let us introduce ourselves. We, Your Beloved Board of Directors,  meet once a year to rubber stamp a series of documents and motions that dee put's in front of us. This is a most necessary legal requirement. Occasionally, we are asked to think. Like now. By unanimous consent, we see the outcome of this game as really simple. So simple that any idiot can see it. Mahomes and the KC offense will feast on the Bucs secondary. Safeties Jordan Whitehead and Antione Winfield JR are banged up and this leaves wide, swathing, gaping holes for the Track Meet Offense of the Chiefs. It won't be concussions that the Bucs secondary has to worry about but it will be whiplash. This games will not even be close....not to ruin it for you...carry on. At least you have the commercials."




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Tailgating in the kitchen. Lot's of good food. TV's on and I'm watching all the hype.

You'd think that God was going to appear at 6:30 with how hard they are pumping this event up.OIP.ZELd8JvI20NyUwt8yf2xKgHaJC?pid=Api&r


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6 hours ago, oldno82 said:

I was thinking the same thing the whole game.

Here's another quote. You'd think it was from the Ravens after one of their brain fart playoff losses....


"I just think we weren't on the same page as an offense,'' Mahomes said. "I wasn't getting the ball out on time. The receivers were running routes not exactly where I thought they were going to be at. The offensive line, they were good sometimes and sometimes they let guys through. When you play a good defense like that, you've got to be on the same page as an offense, and we weren't today and that's why we played so bad...Patrick Mahomes says Super Bowl LV loss was 'worst I've been beaten in long time' (espn.com)

All in all, it was a lousy game. The Chiefs didn't show up and they had no answer or adjustment for the Bucs D.

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