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Ravens vs Steelers Week 18

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Ravens win percentage 59.9.

ESPN's MNF Rthlssxxssbrrgrr Lovefest failed to mention that Ben is the best 3 yard passer in the NFL. :laugh: Overlooked was his 24/46 attempts for a whopping 123 yards and a 2.7ypp. 1 TD and 1 INT for 56.3 RTG. They also failed to mention that Baker made a good case for his final appearance at Heinz Field going16/38 with 10 incompletions in a row, a 4.9 ypp, 2 TD's and 2 INTS and a 53.1 rating.
Offensively the Ravens have nothing to fear. However, the Ravens have three straight losses in a row to the Steelers and a big part of that has been Covid and depleted rosters. It will be the same situation Sunday.

Let's pause for a moment and look at the intensity of this rivalry... See the source image

The Steelers now are in second place in the division and the Ravens are in third. Both teams are still in the hunt for a playoff spot with a fabulous 3.5% chance of making the playoffs. Both teams need the Jags to defeat the Colts as 1 of several things that needs to happen to make the playoffs. That explains the 3%. False hope is better than no hope, so I offer you this: The Jags lost to Colts 23-17 at Indy this year. Close game. They won against the Colts at home last year 27-20 and 38-20 in 2019. So, at home they do better. With nothing to lose, in a lost season, can Treavor Lawrence "let it all hang out" and play like he did at Clemson? Suspend logic. The young lad may grow a pair.:fishin:

Let's keep it simple, both teams hate each other .image.jpeg.72a8a6263be3448ab27718679317bc94.jpeg The Steelers want to close out the season with a win for Ben in his final game and stomp the Ravens and their hopes in front of their home crowd Sunday. The Ravens want to see Ben close out his career with the loss and the Steelers playoff hopes dashed and leapfrog them into second place in the AFC North. The Ravens want revenge. send them home with their tail between their legs.See the source image

To get it the Ravens offense has to do a better job against the Steelers defense that sacked Mayfield nine times, hit him 11 times, intercepted him two times, had 10 tackles for loss, and batted down at least five passes. And of course, Watt with 21 sacks, one shy of the NFL record, will be aiming to set a new record Sunday.

Roman and his ragtag group of offensive players have to do a better job than they did in their 20 to 19 loss earlier this year in Pittsburgh. Lamar was sacked seven times, hit 11 and intercepted once. The Ravens dominated the time of possession 36:30 to 23:30 but 10 penalties, the sacks and turnover killed a lot of drives. Let's hope the Ravens offense doesn't have a similar game plan as the one Stefansky and the Browns offense had MNF. They only ran the ball nine times in the first half despite having the number three ranked rushing attack and the Steelers having the number 31st rushing defense. Chubb only had 4 carries! No... We have to have Baker throw and win the game!

Ravens fans who agonizingly watched five losses in a row, three of them by one point, and one by two points....We've had enough!  We need the satisfaction of a season-ending win over the Steelers. 8-8-1 to me, is not a winning record. It would be nice to hang that on Tomlin's neck. And the Ravens would have a nine and eight winning record with some momentum going into next season.

Team Stats

pit.png&h=100&w=100 bal.png&h=100&w=100
Points Per Game 20.4 23.4
Points Allowed Per Game 24.1 23.5
Total Yards 329.8 397.3
Yards Passing 235.8 257.9
Yards Rushing 94.0 139.4
Yards Allowed 379.4 381.2
Pass Yards Allowed 239.8 296.4
Rush Yards Allowed 139.6 84.8


Finally, if Lamar feels good enough to play and is medically cleared, it would be sweet for Ravens fans to see him play Sunday and close out the 2021 season in his rightful place at the helm with some semblance of normalcy heading into 2022. Image result for Ravens vs Steelers imagesBecause 2022 is The Year of the Raven. :gorave: Revenge and Payback and a pot of gold at the end. 


See the source image

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The O-line won't hold up and whoever is playing qb will be running for his life. Valenzuela can't block A-class defenders and Makari can't either. Look for another TJ Watt field day.

The number one priority for this team in the off season should be the O-line; then pass rushers. Will of course depend on our cap situation as to how much gets fixed.

Bottom line is the Steelers will want to win this game a lot more than we will, it being Rothslxxxxger last game.

Expect a lot of Steeler fans in attendance.

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It's their Super Bowl, a chance to show they belong on the Ravens, nothing left to play for but contracts for next year, comradery.. Gosh that was a long sentence...

Lamar has to play to show if he has learned anything; the offense should not work the same under an undrafted first year starter, nor under a journeyman like Johnson too boot as it does under Lamar. Is he Johnson or is he Jackson?

We saw RG3 have an MVP season, then disappear, injjury granted, but he never was very accurate either. By accuracy we mean outside the numbers, along the sidelines, deep passing. No, one game won't erase what we saw this season, but it will help.

Who deserves to stay a Raven, can they cover? Tackle in space? Keep to the coverage? Can they get off of blocks? Can they make a block, hold the block? Make a pocket for longer than 1.5 seconds?

Who belongs?

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39 minutes ago, oldno82 said:


Expect a lot of Steeler fans in attendance.

I am already seeing pleads for fans to show this week.  I have also seen ppl dwelling seats for weeks.

15 minutes ago, tsylvester said:


Lamar has to play to show if he has learned anything; the offense should not work the same under an undrafted first year starter, nor under a journeyman like Johnson too boot as it does under Lamar. Is he Johnson or is he Jackson?


The word from Sunday is Lamar has a horrible limp.  Fans saw it and zreibec confirmed.  Leave him off the field.  I wonder if we hear he had surgery in a month.

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:bow:  Jamison Hensley on Twitter
“Ravens QB Lamar Jackson turns 25 today.

His 37 victories are the most by a QB under the age of 25 since the 1970 merger:

Lamar Jackson: 37
Dan Marino: 34
Drew Bledsoe: 32
Ben Roethlisberger: 29” :gorave:


Image result for lamarjacksonimages

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2 hours ago, tsylvester said:

Stillers are down most of their starting offensive line and number 1 wide out.. This should be an ugly game...

Yeah...an ugly game to end an ugly season.

I wonder if JK, Gus, and Stanley will be able to bounce back. Stanley won't have played in 2 years!

Villanueva has to go before he gets one of our quarterbacks killed. What kind of deal is he on?

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